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Cabrera, James - Modular Design Frameworks, e-kirja

Modular Design Frameworks

Cabrera, James


Table of contents
1. A Modular Future
James Cabrera
2. Fonts, Colors, and the Invisible UI
James Cabrera
3. Defining Your Basic Unit
James Cabrera
4. Adaptation, Reusability, Variation, and Iteration
James Cabrera
5. Organization, Clustering, Pages, and Navigation
James Cabrera
6. What’s

Reichle, Albrecht - From Molecular to Modular Tumor Therapy:, e-kirja

From Molecular to Modular Tumor Therapy:

Reichle, Albrecht


The Comparative Uncovering of Tumor Systems Biology by Modularly Targeting Tumor-Associated Inflammation
Albrecht Reichle, Gerhard C. Hildebrandt
14. Searching for the ‘Metabolism’ of Evolution
Albrecht Reichle, Gerhard C. Hildebrand
15. The Impact

Carson, Charles - Growing Modular, e-kirja

Growing Modular

Carson, Charles


Table of contents
1. Introduction, with Focus on the Customer
2. Mass Customization, Components and Customer Intimacy
3. Selling Customized While Producing Industrialized
4. Mass Customization of Services
5. Mass Customization of…

Cesareni, Giovanni - Modular Protein Domains, e-kirja

Modular Protein Domains

Cesareni, Giovanni


Since the full functionality of any given protein can only be understood in terms of its interaction with other, often regulatory proteins, this unique reference source covers all relevant protein domains, including SH2, SH3, PDZ, WW, PTB, EH, PH and…

Campbell, H.E.A. Eddy - Modular Invariant Theory, e-kirja

Modular Invariant Theory

Campbell, H.E.A. Eddy


Table of contents
1. First Steps
H. E. A. Eddy Campbell, David L. Wehlau
2. Elements of Algebraic Geometry and Commutative Algebra
H. E. A. Eddy Campbell, David L. Wehlau
3. Applications of Commutative Algebra to Invariant Theory

Cameron, Allan - Modular Narratives in Contemporary Cinema, e-kirja

Modular Narratives in Contemporary Cinema

Cameron, Allan


Table of contents
1. Modular Narratives in Contemporary Cinema
Allan Cameron
2. The Shape of Narrative Time: Subjective, Schismatic and Modular
Allan Cameron
3. Projecting the Future: Order, Chaos and Modularity
Allan Cameron
4. Navigating Memory: Temporal Anchoring and the Modular Subject