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Graham, John W. - Missing Data, e-kirja

Missing Data

Graham, John W.


Practical Issues Relating to Analysis with Missing Data: Avoiding and Troubleshooting Problems
John W. Graham
9. Dealing with the Problem of Having Too Many Variables in the Imputation Model
John W. Graham, M. Lee

Tsiatis, Anastasios A. - Semiparametric Theory and Missing Data, e-kirja

Semiparametric Theory and Missing Data

Tsiatis, Anastasios A.


Locally Efficient Estimators for Coarsened-Data Semiparametric Models
12. Approximate Methods for Gaining Efficiency
13. Double-Robust Estimator of the Average Causal Treatment Effect
14. Multiple Imputation: A Frequentist Perspective


Kenward, Michael - Missing Data in Clinical Studies, e-kirja

Missing Data in Clinical Studies

Kenward, Michael


Missing Data in Clinical Studies provides a comprehensive account of the problems arising when data from clinical and related studies are incomplete, and presents the reader with approaches to effectively address

Longford, Nicholas T. - Missing Data and Small-Area Estimation, e-kirja

Missing Data and Small-Area Estimation

Longford, Nicholas T.


Table of contents
Part I. Missing data
1. Prologue
2. Describing incompleteness
3. Single imputation and related methods
4. Multiple imputation
5. Case studies
Part II. Small-area estimation
6. Introduction
7. Models for small areas
8. Using auxiliary information
9. Using small-area estimators

Bouza-Herrera, Carlos N. - Handling Missing Data in Ranked Set Sampling, e-kirja

Handling Missing Data in Ranked Set Sampling

Bouza-Herrera, Carlos N.


Table of contents
1. Missing Observations and Data Quality Improvement
Carlos N. Bouza-Herrera
2. Sampling Using Ranked Sets: Basic Concepts
Carlos N. Bouza-Herrera
3. The Non-response Problem: Subsampling Among the Non-respondents
Carlos N. Bouza-Herrera
4. Imputation of the Missing Data

Montanari, Angela - Data Science, e-kirja

Data Science

Montanari, Angela


Benchmarking for Clustering Methods Based on Real Data: A Statistical View
Anne-Laure Boulesteix, Myriam Hatz
7. Representable Hierarchical Clustering Methods for Asymmetric Networks
Gunnar Carlsson, Facundo Mémoli, Alejandro Ribeiro, Santiago Segarra