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Office, H.M. Stationary - Navy List January 1919 - Volume 1, e-kirja

Navy List January 1919 - Volume 1

Office, H.M. Stationary


Volume 1 of 5 This is a significant work of reference in that it provides the personnel state of the Royal Navy as at the end of the Great War; the list is corrected to 18th December 1918. And not just the personnel are featured, for here are listed HM ships of all types including

Green, John W - Growing up in Lee-on-the-Solent, e-kirja

Growing up in Lee-on-the-Solent

Green, John W


Despite his reputation for being a rebel, John followed in his father’s footsteps by joining the RAF before becoming a ‘Marconi man’ in the merchant navy, sailing to every corner of the world.

Inniss, J R De L - Hard a Tab Nab, e-kirja

Hard a Tab Nab

Inniss, J R De L


Tab nabs were the biscuits dished out in the mess rooms of ships in the merchant navy. If a helmsman was asked if the ship’s helm was hard a-starboard or hard a-port, he often would reply, “Hard a tab nab, sir.” Master Mariner J. R. de L. Inniss

Robb, Linsey - Men at Work, e-kirja

Men at Work

Robb, Linsey


For Those in Peril on the Sea: The Merchant Navy in Wartime Culture
Linsey Robb
6. All in It Together?: Reflections on the Masculine Hierarchy
Linsey Robb

Inglis, James C. - Brodick-Arran and the Great War, e-kirja

Brodick-Arran and the Great War

Inglis, James C.


There are separate headings for Nurses, Royal Navy and Merchant Navy, for regiments/corps, for Canadians and Australians and individuals are shown under the appropriate heading. At the end