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Haislip, Alexander - Essentials of Venture Capital, e-kirja

Essentials of Venture Capital

Haislip, Alexander

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The first comprehensive guide for mastering venture capital
Essentials of Venture Capital is your guide to understanding how venture capital and technology finance works from the inside out. Author Alexander Haislip easily explains the most complex…

Beisheim, Marianne - Transnational Partnerships, e-kirja

Transnational Partnerships

Beisheim, Marianne


Who Governs Partnerships? On the Role of Boards, Donors, Partners, and Other Stakeholders
Marianne Beisheim, Andrea Liese, Christian Vosseler
Part III. Case Studies: Local-Level Projects of Service Partnerships in East Africa and South Asia
7. Can PPPs Make

Keogh, Peter - Filling in the Gaps, e-kirja

Filling in the Gaps

Keogh, Peter


The book also reveals more of Peter’s life with the stars, his well-publicised trial in London and his relationship with his partner of 25 years, Sacha. Peter’s life has been a complex mix of highs and lows and his experiences have ranged from hilarious to terrifying.