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Tepe, Daniela - The Myth about Global Civil Society, e-kirja

The Myth about Global Civil Society

Tepe, Daniela


The Landmines Campaign and the Ottawa Convention — The Involvement of NGOs in Banning Landmines
Daniela Tepe
5. Discourses and Interests
Daniela Tepe
6. The State and Civil Society
Daniela Tepe
7. Conclusions
Daniela Tepe

Welytok, Jill Gilbert - Nonprofit Law & Governance For Dummies, e-kirja

Nonprofit Law & Governance For Dummies

Welytok, Jill Gilbert


And she fills you in on what you need to know to: Comply with state laws and regulations Get and keep tax–exempt status Avoid lawsuits and other legal landmines Handle the media Anticipate future trends Make sense of the Sarbanes–Oxley act

Weisman, Loren - Music Business For Dummies, e-kirja

Music Business For Dummies

Weisman, Loren


This guide gives you a roadmap around the landmines, and provides expert advice for starting out on the right foot. Find the right players, agents, and business managers Make more money from your work with smart distribution Build your brand and get people talking

Armada, Manuel A. - ROBOT2013: First Iberian Robotics Conference, e-kirja

ROBOT2013: First Iberian Robotics Conference

Armada, Manuel A.


Table of contents
1. Sacarino, a Service Robot in a Hotel Environment
Eduardo Zalama, Jaime Gómez García-Bermejo, Samuel Marcos, Salvador Domínguez, Raúl Feliz, Roberto Pinillos, Joaquín López
2. Animation of Expressions in a Mechatronic Head
Loza David, Marcos Pablos Samuel, Zalama Casanova Eduardo, Jaime

Tokhi, M. O. - Climbing and Walking Robots, e-kirja

Climbing and Walking Robots

Tokhi, M. O.


Detection of Landmines Using Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance (NQR): Signal Processing to Aid Classification
S. D. Somasundaram, K. Althoefer, J. A. S. Smith, L. D. Seneviratne
101. Simulator for Locomotion Control of the Alicia3 Climbing Robot
D. Longo, G.