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Bohon, Stephanie A. - Immigration and Population, e-kirja

Immigration and Population

Bohon, Stephanie A.


Immigration is the primary cause of population change in developed countries and a major component of population change in many developing countries. This clear and perceptive text discusses how immigration impacts population size, composition, and distribution.

Berry, Brent - Immigration and the City, e-kirja

Immigration and the City

Berry, Brent


In this insightful book, Eric Fong and Brent Berry describe both contemporary patterns of immigration and the urban context in order to understand the social and economic lives of immigrants in the city. By exploring topics such as residential patterns, community form,

Bowman, Cara - Race and Immigration, e-kirja

Race and Immigration

Bowman, Cara

Alk. 23,75€

Immigration has long shaped US society in fundamental ways. With Latinos recently surpassing African Americans as the largest minority group in the US, attention has been focused on the important implications of immigration for the character and role

Goyette, Kimberly - Education and Immigration, e-kirja

Education and Immigration

Goyette, Kimberly

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Tracing the historical context and key contemporary scholarship on immigration, the authors examine issues such as structural versus cultural theories of education stratification, the overlap of immigrant status with race and ethnicity, and the role of language in

Moxon, Steve - The Great Immigration Scandal, e-kirja

The Great Immigration Scandal

Moxon, Steve


Outlines the events that led to the decision that the author could no longer participate in a policy that appeared to be at odds with the intentions of Parliament. This book includes an analysis of the relevant scholarly literature in demography, economics…

Joppke, Christian - Citizenship and Immigration, e-kirja

Citizenship and Immigration

Joppke, Christian


This incisive book provides a succinct overview of the new academic field of citizenship and immigration, as well as presenting a fresh and original argument about changing citizenship in our contemporary human rights era.
Instead of being nationally resilient or in “postnational”

Bodvarsson, Örn B. - The Economics of Immigration, e-kirja

The Economics of Immigration

Bodvarsson, Örn B.


Immigration Theory and Evidence
2. The Determinants of International Migration: Theory
Örn B. Bodvarsson, Hendrik Berg
3. Why People Immigrate: The Evidence
Örn B. Bodvarsson, Hendrik Berg
4. Who Immigrates? Theory and Evidence
Örn B. Bodvarsson,

Berg, Hendrik Van den - The Economics of Immigration, e-kirja

The Economics of Immigration

Berg, Hendrik Van den


The Effects of Immigration on the Destination Economy: The Theory
Örn B. Bodvarsson, Hendrik Berg
7. How Immigration Impacts the Destination Economy: The Evidence
Örn B. Bodvarsson, Hendrik Berg
8. Estimating