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 - RSMeans Illustrated Construction Dictionary, e-kirja

RSMeans Illustrated Construction Dictionary


Illustrated throughout with explanatory drawings and photographs, it is an indispensable reference for beginning and advanced students in construction, architecture, design, facility management, real estate, and other related fields. Features include: Easy-to-understand

Ermann, Michael - Architectural Acoustics Illustrated, e-kirja

Architectural Acoustics Illustrated

Ermann, Michael


Unite the science of sound and the principles of design to enhance any space
Architectural Acoustics Illustrated translates the quantitative and qualitative content of acoustics into the graphic language of architecture. This highly-visual guide includes over 350 illustrations that outline

Binggeli, Corky - Interior Design Illustrated, e-kirja

Interior Design Illustrated

Binggeli, Corky


As functional as it is beautiful, this richly illustrated Third Edition of Ching's classic, Interior Design Illustrated, is a visual introduction to designing for interior spaces, to the building elements and environmental systems

Groom, Andy - The Illustrated Everton Story, e-kirja

The Illustrated Everton Story

Groom, Andy


The Illustrated Everton Story is packed with facts, quotes and anecdotes all about The People’s Club including the 1900’s FA Cup jinx, the 1930s’ championships, relegation, the glorious 1980s and beyond. This fascinating new book includes over 100 profiles of

Solis, Daniel M. - Illustrated C# 2010, e-kirja

Illustrated C# 2010

Solis, Daniel M.


Table of contents
1. C# and the .NET Framework
Daniel M. Solis
2. Overview of C# Programming
Daniel M. Solis
3. Types, Storage, and Variables
Daniel M. Solis
4. Classes: The Basics
Daniel M. Solis
5. Methods

Solis, Daniel - Illustrated WPF, e-kirja

Illustrated WPF

Solis, Daniel


Table of contents
1. Introduction to Windows Presentation Foundation
2. Overview of WPF Programming
3. WPF Architecture and Applications
5. Layout
6. Content and Controls
7. Dependency Properties
8. Data Binding
9. Routing…

Schrotenboer, Cal - Illustrated C# 7, e-kirja

Illustrated C# 7

Schrotenboer, Cal


Table of contents
1. C# and the .NET Framework
Daniel Solis, Cal Schrotenboer
2. C# and .NET Core
Daniel Solis, Cal Schrotenboer
3. Overview of C# Programming
Daniel Solis, Cal Schrotenboer
4. Types, Storage, and Variables