Haku "human conduct"

Resnik, David B. - Responsible Conduct of Research, e-kirja

Responsible Conduct of Research

Resnik, David B.


The Use of Human Subjects in Research 10. The Use of Animals in Research 11. Genetics and Human Reproduction 12. The Scientist in Society Appendix 1. Office of Research Integrity (ORI) Model Policy for Responding to Allegations

Brewster, Chris - New Challenges for European Human Resource Management, e-kirja

New Challenges for European Human Resource Management

Brewster, Chris


This book breaks new ground in human resource management through focusing on specific themes written by a range of European experts drawing on a common survey. As such it is a major progression from previous texts that lack a coherent, cross-national database. Representing a truly collaborative

Changeux, Jean-Pierre - Neurobiology of Human Values, e-kirja

Neurobiology of Human Values

Changeux, Jean-Pierre


Disorders of Social Conduct Following Damage to Prefrontal Cortices
Hanna Damasio
5. The Neurobiological Grounding of Human Values
Antonio Damasio
6. Emotion and Cognition in Moral Judgment: Evidence from Neuroimaging
Joshua Greene
7. Neural

Dakubo, Crescentia Y. - Ecosystems and Human Health, e-kirja

Ecosystems and Human Health

Dakubo, Crescentia Y.


Ecosystem Approaches to Human Health: Key Concepts and Principles
Crescenti Y. Dakubo
4. Community-Based Participatory Research for Ecohealth
Crescenti Y. Dakubo
5. The Process of Conducting an Ecohealth Research