Haku "hover-train"

Lawes, Alexander - Ring of Stones, e-kirja

Ring of Stones

Lawes, Alexander


“Do you trust me?” When Anna’s dirt bike pulled up alongside late one summer’s evening, Harry grasped the opportunity to escape the city and his troubles, but he never imagined the mysterious girl would lead him across the galaxy to another world. Transported…

The Old Testament 1: Genesis

The Old Testament 1: Genesis

Glyn, Christopher


God, a spirit hovering over an empty, watery void, creates the world by speaking into the darkness and calling into being light, sky, land, vegetation, and living creatures over the course of six days. Each day, he pauses to pronounce his works "good" (1:4). On the

Oh, Paul - Unmanned Aircraft Systems, e-kirja

Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Oh, Paul


Development of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Piloting System with Integrated Motion Cueing for Training and Pilot Evaluation
James T. Hing, Paul Y. Oh
3. Networking Issues for Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems
Eric W. Frew, Timothy X. Brown
4. UAVs Integration

Zhuang, F. G. - New Trends in Fluid Mechanics Research, e-kirja

New Trends in Fluid Mechanics Research

Zhuang, F. G.


Effect of River Training Project on Hydrodynamics Flow Circumstances by 2D Finite Element Numerical Model
B. Zou, D. F. Li, H. J. Hu, H. W. Zhang, L. H. Lou, M. Chen, Z. Y. Lv
122. Natural Boundary Element Method for Stokes Problem of Exterior Circular Domain