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Sneader, Walter - Drug Discovery: A History, e-kirja

Drug Discovery: A History

Sneader, Walter


Written by a leading authority with an excellent reputation and ability for writing a good narrative, Drug Discovery: A History is a far cry from simply a list of chemical structures.
This lively new text considers the origins, development and

Kim, Chan - Cancer Drug Discovery, e-kirja

Cancer Drug Discovery

Kim, Chan


Advancement of the Science and History of Cancer and Anticancer Drugs
Kyu-Won Kim, Jae Kyung Roh, Hee-Jun Wee, Chan Kim
Part II. Cancer Drug Discovery: Types and History
3. Chronology

Cheng, Yiyun - Dendrimer-Based Drug Delivery Systems: From Theory to Practice, e-kirja

Dendrimer-Based Drug Delivery Systems: From Theory to Practice

Cheng, Yiyun

Alk. 154,45€

The opportunities and challenges of using dendrimers to improve drug delivery
Among pharmaceutical and biomedical researchers, the use of dendrimers in drug delivery systems has attracted increasing interest. In particular, researchers have noted that the volume of a dendrimer increases

Dougherty, Thomas J. - Antibiotic Discovery and Development, e-kirja

Antibiotic Discovery and Development

Dougherty, Thomas J.


The Early History of Antibiotic Discovery: Empiricism Ruled
Richard J. White
2. Rational Approaches to Antibacterial Discovery: Pre-Genomic Directed and Phenotypic Screening
Lynn L. Silver
3. Beta-Lactam Antibiotics

Ng, Rick - Drugs: From Discovery to Approval, e-kirja

Drugs: From Discovery to Approval

Ng, Rick


Statistics show that out of five thousand compounds with initial promise, five will go into human clinical trials, and only one will become an approved drug. This tiny fraction illustrates the huge complexities involved in bringing a drug to market,