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Razzouk, Denise - Mental Health Economics, e-kirja

Mental Health Economics

Razzouk, Denise


Introduction of Health Economics Applied to Mental Health
1. Introduction to Mental Health Economics
Denise Razzouk
2. Methods for Measuring and Estimating Costs
Denise Razzouk
3. Outcomes Measurement for Economic Evaluation
Denise Razzouk

Lai, Poh C. - GIS for Health and the Environment, e-kirja

GIS for Health and the Environment

Lai, Poh C.


Exploratory Spatial Analysis Methods in Cancer Prevention and Control
Gerard Rushton
2. Environmental Risk Factor Diagnosis for Epidemics
Jin-feng Wang
3. A Study on Spatial Decision Support Systems for Epidemic Disease Prevention Based on ArcGIS

Swanson, David A. - The Frontiers of Applied Demography, e-kirja

The Frontiers of Applied Demography

Swanson, David A.


The Drivers of Health Trends: A Decomposition of Projected Health for Local Areas in England
Stephen D. Clark, Philip H. Rees
3. Demographic Analyses for Public Policy: Projecting the Use of Veteran Educational Benefits