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Porter, Jeremy R. - Geographical Sociology, e-kirja

Geographical Sociology

Porter, Jeremy R.


Table of contents
1. Geo-Sociology
Jeremy R. Porter, Frank M. Howell
2. Important Contributions to Geo-Sociology
Jeremy R. Porter, Frank M. Howell
3. Roots of Space in Sociology: Community Sociology at the Wisconsin and Chicago Schools
Jeremy R. Porter, Frank M. Howell
4. Human Ecology and Its Link

Brooks, Clare - The Power of Geographical Thinking, e-kirja

The Power of Geographical Thinking

Brooks, Clare


Introduction: Why Is It Timely to (Re) Consider What Makes Geographical Thinking Powerful?
Clare Brooks, Graham Butt, Mary Fargher
Part I. Theorising Geographical Thinking
2. Debating the Place of Knowledge Within Geography Education: Reinstatement, Reclamation

Carrega, Pierre - Geographical Information and Climatology, e-kirja

Geographical Information and Climatology

Carrega, Pierre

Alk. 90,40€

The first part is more theoretical and general, and it covers fundamental principles: geospatial climate data measurement; spatial analysis, mapping and climate; geographical information, remote sensing and climatology; and geographical

Foissner, W. - Protist Diversity and Geographical Distribution, e-kirja

Protist Diversity and Geographical Distribution

Foissner, W.


Table of contents
1. Protist diversity and distribution: some basic considerations
Wilhelm Foissner
2. Distribution and diversity of aquatic protists: an evolutionary and ecological perspective
Thomas Weisse
3. “Missing” protists:…

Lidstone, John - Geographical Education in a Changing World, e-kirja

Geographical Education in a Changing World

Lidstone, John


Changing Philosophies in Geographical Education from the 1970s to 2005 An International Perspective
Hartwig Haubrich
5. Changing Learning and Teaching
Ashley Kent
6. Changing Assessment
Philip Stimpson
Section B. Contemporary School Geography

Chen, Liangfu - The Geographical Sciences During 1986—2015, e-kirja

The Geographical Sciences During 1986—2015

Chen, Liangfu


The Background of the Development of the Geographical Sciences in China
Shuying Leng, Guoyou Zhang, Fengkui Qian, Siyuan He, Linwang Yuan, Zhaoyuan Yu, Wen Luo
Part II. Trends in the Development of the Four Branches of the Geographical Sciences
4. Physical