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Matthäus-Maier, Ingrid - Microfinance Investment Funds, e-kirja

Microfinance Investment Funds

Matthäus-Maier, Ingrid


Microfinance Investment Funds: Where Wealth Creation Meets Poverty Reduction
Norbert Kloppenburg
Part I.The Market for Investment in Microfinance
2. Microfinance Investment Funds: Objectives, Players, Potential

Holler, Julian - Hedge Funds and Financial Markets, e-kirja

Hedge Funds and Financial Markets

Holler, Julian


Hedge Funds from an Asset Management Perspective
Julian Holler
3. The Impact of Hedge Funds on Corporate Governance System
Julian Holler
4. Empirical Analysis – The Impact of Hedge Funds

Cressy, Robert - Entrepreneurship, Finance, Governance and Ethics, e-kirja

Entrepreneurship, Finance, Governance and Ethics

Cressy, Robert


Harmonized Regulatory Standards, International Distribution of Investment Funds and the Recent Financial Crisis
Douglas Cumming, Gael Imad’Eddine, Armin Schwienbacher
9. Active Management of Socially Responsible Portfolios
Annalisa Fabretti, Stefano

Capano, Giliberto - Changing Governance in Universities, e-kirja

Changing Governance in Universities

Capano, Giliberto


Autonomy and Funding: The Reforms of the Late 1980s to the Mid-1990s
Giliberto Capano, Marino Regini, Matteo Turri
6. Leading the Change in Europe: Early Implementation of the ‘Bologna Process’
Giliberto Capano, Marino Regini, Matteo Turri
7. Catching

Tapper, Ted - The Governance of British Higher Education, e-kirja

The Governance of British Higher Education

Tapper, Ted


The State and The Governance of Higher Education: Contextualising The Changing Relationship
Ted Tapper
3. From the UGC and NAB to the Funding Council Model of Governance
Ted Tapper
4. State Power: Convergence and