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Austen, Jane - Love and Friendship, e-kirja

Love and Friendship

Austen, Jane


A collection of Austen's earliest writings, written when she was very young. Many of these were written for the amusement of her family, and are reproduced here in their original form, with all misspellings and other inaccuracies intact. A fascinating…

Greif, Geoffrey - Buddy System : Understanding Male Friendships, e-kirja

Buddy System : Understanding Male Friendships

Greif, Geoffrey


Much has been made of the complex social arrangements that girls and women navigate, but little scholarly or popular attention has focused on what friendship means to men. Drawing on in-depth interviews with nearly 400 men, therapist and researcher Geoffrey L. Greif takes readers on a guided

Andersen, Hans Christian - The Bond of Friendship, e-kirja

The Bond of Friendship

Andersen, Hans Christian


"We fly over the shores of Denmark, to far-off foreign countries and arrive in the south, in Greece with its beautiful turquoise sea" In Greece, two boys had, for a long time, been bound in a bond of friendship. They were now adults and each had a family, but one day, one of them was killed

Vernon, Mark - The Philosophy of Friendship, e-kirja

The Philosophy of Friendship

Vernon, Mark


Table of contents
1. Introduction: the Ambiguity of Friendship
Mark Vernon
2. Friends at Work
Mark Vernon
3. Friends and Lovers
Mark Vernon
4. Faking It
Mark Vernon
5. Unconditional Love
Mark Vernon
6. Civic…

Koschut, Simon - Friendship and International Relations, e-kirja

Friendship and International Relations

Koschut, Simon


Franco-German Friendship: A Dynamic Perspective
Antoine Vion
7. German-Polish Ties: Special Relationship, Friendship, or Reconciliation?
Lily Gardner Feldman
8. The Construction of International Friendship

Shepard, Benjamin - Rebel Friendships, e-kirja

Rebel Friendships

Shepard, Benjamin


Notes toward an Introduction: Friendship as a Way of Life
Benjamin Shepard
2. Toward a City of Friends
Benjamin Shepard
3. Fred Mayer
Benjamin Shepard
4. Reviving the Tribe
Benjamin Shepard
5. Not Quite Queer
Benjamin Shepard

Sollers, Philippe - The Friendship of Roland Barthes, e-kirja

The Friendship of Roland Barthes

Sollers, Philippe


In Roland Barthes?s eyes, Philippe Sollers embodied the figure of the contemporary writer forever seeking something new. Thirty-six years after Barthes produced his study Sollers Writer, Sollers has written a book on the man who was his friend and who shared with him a total faith in literature as a force of invention and discovery,

Lambert, Alex - Intimacy and Friendship on Facebook, e-kirja

Intimacy and Friendship on Facebook

Lambert, Alex


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Alex Lambert
2. Discovering Intimacy on Facebook
Alex Lambert
3. Frameworks: Privacy, Performance, Social Capital
Alex Lambert
4. Methodology
Alex Lambert
5. The Performance of Connection

Holmberg, Arthur - David Mamet and Male Friendship, e-kirja

David Mamet and Male Friendship

Holmberg, Arthur


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Arthur Holmberg
2. Buddy Plays and Buddy Films
Arthur Holmberg
3. Buddy Cops
Arthur Holmberg
4. Honor among Thieves?
Arthur Holmberg
5. The Cycle of Friendship
Arthur Holmberg