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Flew, Terry - Global Creative Industries, e-kirja

Global Creative Industries

Flew, Terry


The creative industries are the subject of growing attention among policy-makers, academics, activists, artists and development specialists worldwide. This engaging book provides a global overview of developments in the creative industries, and analyses how these developments relate to wider debates about globalization, cities,

Chesterton, Gilbert K. - The Flying Star, e-kirja

The Flying Star

Chesterton, Gilbert K.


Gilbert Keith Chesterton’s The flying stars opens announcing a theft which took place during a Christmas party in Colonel Adams’ house. There were: Sir Leopold and his daughter Ruby, who was in love with the socialist James Crook, the big and noisy James Blount, and of course, Father

Drew, Jason - The Story of the Fly, e-kirja

The Story of the Fly

Drew, Jason

Alk. 6,50€

The story of the fly and how it could save the world will take you behind the pesky reputation and inside the brain and body of the much misunderstood fly. It investigates the insect as a pest and how man has tried tirelessly, often unsuccessfully)

Lipasti, Roope - Paavo Nurmi: Flying Finn – a Lifetime in One Hour, e-kirja

Paavo Nurmi: Flying Finn – a Lifetime in One Hour

Lipasti, Roope


Turku-born runner Paavo Nurmi is the greatest Finnish athlete of all time. In the years 1920-1928, Nurmi won nine gold and three silver medals in the Olympics. Between 1921 and 1931, he had set all the world running records, from the 1,500 to the 20,000…

Sobaca - Lose Your Fear of Flying, e-kirja

Lose Your Fear of Flying



Are you amongst those who fly because they have to, yet dread it? You are in good company. There are many like you who reluctantly fly, perhaps because of work or due to the fact they won’t allow their fears to curtail their enjoyment of life. Statistics

 - How Spacecraft Fly, e-kirja

How Spacecraft Fly


Table of contents
2. A Brief History of Space
3. Basic Orbits
4. Real Orbits
5. Beyond Circles and Ellipses
6. Getting to Orbit
7. Somthing About Environment
8. Spacecraft Design
9. Subsystem Design I Like Your Attitude

McInnes, I. - A Contemptible Little Flying Corps, e-kirja

A Contemptible Little Flying Corps

McInnes, I.


Many books have been written about pilots of the Royal Flying Corps but the men on the ground, who kept the planes in the air and the guns firing, have been sadly neglected - and yet their role was a vital one. This truly remarkable book, the production of which must have seemed an impossible

Jha, Bhagwanjee - Fly Ash Zeolites, e-kirja

Fly Ash Zeolites

Jha, Bhagwanjee


Applications of Fly Ash Zeolites: Case Studies
Bhagwanjee Jha, Devendra Narain Singh
8. Path Ahead
Bhagwanjee Jha, Devendra Narain Singh