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Buszek, Maria Elena - A Companion to Feminist Art, e-kirja

A Companion to Feminist Art

Buszek, Maria Elena


Employing a different approach, A Companion to Feminist Art defines ‘art’ as a dynamic set of material and theoretical practices in the realm of culture, and ‘feminism’ as an equally dynamic set of activist and theoretical practices in the realm of politics.

Lockwood, Kelly - Feminist Narrative Research, e-kirja

Feminist Narrative Research

Lockwood, Kelly


Introduction: Doing Feminist Narrative Research
Jo Woodiwiss, Kate Smith, Kelly Lockwood
Part I. Why Feminist Narrative Research?
2. Challenges for Feminist Research: Contested Stories,

Lipton, Briony - We Only Talk Feminist Here, e-kirja

We Only Talk Feminist Here

Lipton, Briony


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Framing Feminist Talk
Briony Lipton, Elizabeth Mackinlay
2. Writing as Speaking
Briony Lipton, Elizabeth Mackinlay
3. Concepts of Voice and Feminism
Briony Lipton, Elizabeth Mackinlay
4. Speaking into the Silence
Briony Lipton, Elizabeth Mackinlay
5. A Final

Witt, Charlotte - Feminist Metaphysics, e-kirja

Feminist Metaphysics

Witt, Charlotte


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Charlotte Witt
2. What Is Gender Essentialism?
Charlotte Witt
3. Different Women. Gender and the Realism-Nominalism Debate
Natalie Stoljar
4. The Metaphysics of Sex and Gender
Ásta Kristjana…

Todd, Janet - Feminist Literary History, e-kirja

Feminist Literary History

Todd, Janet


In this timely book Janet Todd offers an analysis and defence of the feminist literary history practised by Elaine Showalter and other contemporary American literary critics. She argues that this approach rightly links the political concerns of feminist

Evans, Mary - Introducing Contemporary Feminist Thought, e-kirja

Introducing Contemporary Feminist Thought

Evans, Mary

Alk. 23,75€

This introductory textbook offers a concise and lucid account of the main developments in contemporary feminist thinking, and demonstrates the centrality of feminist thought to all areas of intellectual enquiry.
In a wide-ranging discussion, Evans

Calvin, Ritch - Feminist Science Fiction and Feminist Epistemology, e-kirja

Feminist Science Fiction and Feminist Epistemology

Calvin, Ritch


Chapter One Feminist Science Fiction and Feminist Epistemology
Ritch Calvin
3. Chapter Two The First Mode of FESF: Epistemology and Plot
Ritch Calvin
4. Chapter Three The Second Mode of FESF: Epistemology and Structural Elements
Ritch Calvin

Sadiqi, Fatima - Moroccan Feminist Discourses, e-kirja

Moroccan Feminist Discourses

Sadiqi, Fatima


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Fatima Sadiqi
2. The Berber Challenge
Fatima Sadiqi
3. The Historicity of Berber Women’s Agency
Fatima Sadiqi
4. Sources of Authority in Moroccan Culture
Fatima Sadiqi
5. Secular and Islamic Feminist Discourses
Fatima Sadiqi
6. The Berber Dimension