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Stichbury, Jo - Symbian OS Explained: Effective C++ Programming for Smartphones, e-kirja

Symbian OS Explained: Effective C++ Programming for Smartphones

Stichbury, Jo


Technologies covered include: client-server architecture descriptors and dynamic containers active objects, threads and processes leaves, cleanup stack and 2-phase construction thin templates, good API design, memory optimization, debug and test macros the ECOM plug-in framework
Symbian OS

Erdi, Peter - Complexity Explained, e-kirja

Complexity Explained

Erdi, Peter


Table of contents
1. Complex Systems: The Intellectual Landscape
2. History of Complex Systems Research
3. From the Clockwork World View to Irreversibility (and Back?)
4. The Dynamic World View in Action
5. The Search for Laws: Deductive…

Austing, Peter - Smile Pricing Explained, e-kirja

Smile Pricing Explained

Austing, Peter


Table of contents
1. Introduction to Derivatives
Peter Austing
2. Stochastic Calculus
Peter Austing
3. Martingale Pricing
Peter Austing
4. Dynamic Hedging and Replication
Peter Austing
5. Exotic Options in Black—Scholes

Bouzoubaa, Mohamed - Equity Derivatives Explained, e-kirja

Equity Derivatives Explained

Bouzoubaa, Mohamed


Table of contents
1. Fundamentals
Mohamed Bouzoubaa
2. Inside the World of Equity Derivatives
Mohamed Bouzoubaa
3. Forwards, Futures and Swaps
Mohamed Bouzoubaa
4. Pricing Vanilla Options
Mohamed Bouzoubaa
5. Risk Management…

Leoni, Peter - The Greeks and Hedging Explained, e-kirja

The Greeks and Hedging Explained

Leoni, Peter


Table of contents
1. Hedging Contingent Claims
Peter Leoni
2. Delta Hedging in the Perfect World
Peter Leoni
3. The Balance between Gamma and Theta
Peter Leoni
4. Trading Is the Answer to the Unknown
Peter Leoni
5. Vega…