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Fridson, Martin S. - Financial Statement Analysis: A Practitioner's Guide, e-kirja

Financial Statement Analysis: A Practitioner's Guide

Fridson, Martin S.


An updated guide to the essential discipline of financial statement analysis
In Financial Statement Analysis, Fourth Edition, leading investment authority Martin Fridson returns with Fernando Alvarez to provide the analytical framework you need to scrutinize financial statements, whether

Tracy, John A. - Profit Analysis for Business Managers, e-kirja

Profit Analysis for Business Managers

Tracy, John A.


Financial reports provide vital information to investors, lenders, and managers. This chapter from the seventh edition of How to Read a Financial Report offers a plain-English user's guide to financial reports. The book helps you get a sure-handed grip…

 - Not-for-Profit Entities: Best Practices in Presentation and Disclosure, e-kirja

Not-for-Profit Entities: Best Practices in Presentation and Disclosure


The 2019 edition illustrates the most important, immediate, and challenging disclosures, including: Net asset classes and donor-imposed restrictions Investments, derivatives, endowments, and UPMIFA Liquidity and availability of resources Liabilities, including split-interest agreements and pension plans

Linoff, Gordon S. - Data Analysis Using SQL and Excel, e-kirja

Data Analysis Using SQL and Excel

Linoff, Gordon S.


A practical guide to data mining using SQL and Excel
Data Analysis Using SQL and Excel, 2nd Edition shows you how to leverage the two most popular tools for data query and analysis—SQL and Excel—to perform sophisticated data analysis without

McMillan, Edward J. - Not-for-Profit Budgeting and Financial Management, e-kirja

Not-for-Profit Budgeting and Financial Management

McMillan, Edward J.


Adds three entirely new chapters on Footnoting the Statement of Activity, Presenting Cash Prepared and Accrual Statements on the same page, and The Importance of the Executive Summary Fully updated with the latest financial advice to benefit your nonprofit Explains how to separate controllable, semi-controllable,