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Hume, Helen D. - The Art Teacher's Book of Lists, e-kirja

The Art Teacher's Book of Lists

Hume, Helen D.


A revised and updated edition of the best-selling resource for art teachers
This time-tested book is written for teachers who need accurate and updated information about the world of art, artists, and art movements, including the arts

Facos, MIchelle - A Companion to Nineteenth-Century Art, e-kirja

A Companion to Nineteenth-Century Art

Facos, MIchelle


A comprehensive review of art in the first truly modern century
A Companion to Nineteenth-Century Art contains contributions from an international panel of noted experts to offer a broad overview of both national and transnational developments, as

Cutcher, Alexandra Lasczik - Arts-Research-Education, e-kirja


Cutcher, Alexandra Lasczik


Art, Pedagogies and Becoming: The Force of Art and the Individuation of New Worlds
Dennis Atkinson
2. Rearticulating Arts, Research, and Education from the Disciplinary to the Affective in Public Arts Practices

Roberts, Pamela - Black Oxford, e-kirja

Black Oxford

Roberts, Pamela


Students from all parts of Africa, the Caribbean and the Commonwealth have made significant contributions and left lasting legacies in the fields of politics, literature, science and the arts. Uncovering the stories of prominent and lesser-known Black students at Oxford,

DesRochers, Rick - The New Humor in the Progressive Era, e-kirja

The New Humor in the Progressive Era

DesRochers, Rick


The New Humor: Ethnic Acts and Family Acts
Rick DesRochers
4. The Marx Brothers Go to School
Rick DesRochers
5. The New Woman and the Female Comedian as Social Insurgent
Rick DesRochers
6. Epilogue
Rick DesRochers