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Dean, Angela - Screening, e-kirja


Dean, Angela


Pooling Experiments for Blood Screening and Drug Discovery
Jacqueline M. Hughes-Oliver
4. Pharmaceutical Drug Discovery: Designing the Blockbuster Drug
David Jesse Cummins

Erlanson, Daniel A. - Fragment-based Drug Discovery: Lessons and Outlook, e-kirja

Fragment-based Drug Discovery: Lessons and Outlook

Erlanson, Daniel A.


From its origins as a niche technique more than 15 years ago, fragment-based approaches have become a major tool for drug and ligand discovery, often yielding results where other methods have failed. Written by the pioneers in the field, this book provides a comprehensive overview of current

Folkers, Gerd - High-Throughput Screening in Drug Discovery, e-kirja

High-Throughput Screening in Drug Discovery

Folkers, Gerd


Backed by leading authorities, this is a professional guide to successful compound screening in pharmaceutical research and chemical biology, including the chemoinformatic tools needed for correct data evaluation. Chapter authors from leading pharmaceutical companies as well as from Harvard

Mannhold, Raimund - Molecular Drug Properties, e-kirja

Molecular Drug Properties

Mannhold, Raimund


All the chapters are written by experienced drug developers and include practical examples from real drug candidates. Following an introduction to global drug properties and their impact on