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Semizarov, Dimitri - Genomics in Drug Discovery and Development, e-kirja

Genomics in Drug Discovery and Development

Semizarov, Dimitri


Early characterization of toxicity and efficacy would significantly impact the overall productivity of pharmaceutical R&D and reduce drug candidate attrition and failure. By describing the available platforms and weighing their relative advantages and

Storey, Richard A. - Solid State Characterization of Pharmaceuticals, e-kirja

Solid State Characterization of Pharmaceuticals

Storey, Richard A.


The field of solid state characterization is central to the pharmaceutical industry, as drug products are, in an overwhelming number of cases, produced as solid materials. Selection of the optimum solid form is a critical aspect of the development of

Sugiyama, Yuichi - Transporters in Drug Development, e-kirja

Transporters in Drug Development

Sugiyama, Yuichi


In Vitro Kinetic Characterization of Transporter-Mediated Permeability
Bente Steffansen, Anne Sophie Grandvuinet
3. In Vitro Characterization of Interactions with Drug Transporting