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Hesselbein, Frances - More Hesselbein on Leadership, e-kirja

More Hesselbein on Leadership

Hesselbein, Frances


Leadership, she teaches, begins not with what you do, but with who you are." --Jim Collins, author of Good to Great and How the Mighty Fall
Get wisdom and advice on a range of timeless leadership topics and challenges from Frances

Madimbo, Maggie - Transformative and Engaging Leadership, e-kirja

Transformative and Engaging Leadership

Madimbo, Maggie


African Women in Leadership: The Missing Link
Maggie Madimbo
3. A Leadership Legacy: Participants’ Portraits
Maggie Madimbo
4. Courageous Women: Participants’ Portraits Continued
Maggie Madimbo
5. Pioneers: Participants’ Portraits Continued