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Darrow, Clarence - Crime, e-kirja


Darrow, Clarence


A wonderfully comprehensive look at the subject of crime, written by American lawyer Clarence Darrow. Looks at everything from the reasons people commit crimes, to the effects and ethics of punishment, to the role of the police, to the criminal mindset

Pinkerton, Frank - Won by Crime, e-kirja

Won by Crime

Pinkerton, Frank


Don Garcia is a Portuguese viceroy who has brought his daughter and nephew to Goa. What will happen to them when an assassin strikes and blood starts to flow? Frank Pinkerton's novel is a grand tale of adventure.

Elliott, Delbert - The Prevention of Crime, e-kirja

The Prevention of Crime

Elliott, Delbert


The Prevention of Crime provides a unique and comprehensive overview of effective crime prevention programs, strategies and policies, demonstrating how criminological theories, research, and practice are interrelated.

Offers the most cutting-edge,

Ryder, Nic - White Collar Crime and Risk, e-kirja

White Collar Crime and Risk

Ryder, Nic


Financial Crime in the Twenty-First Century: The Rise of the Virtual Collar Criminal
Alan S Reid
Part 5. The Financial Crisis and White Collar Crime
10. Is ‘This Time’ Really ‘Different’?: Reflections on ‘Risk’ in Financial Impropriety and Criminal

Grove, Louise - Heritage Crime, e-kirja

Heritage Crime

Grove, Louise


Archaeological Heritage Crimes in Romania and Moldova: A Comparative View
Sergiu Musteaţă
6. Threats to Cultural Heritage in the Cyprus Conflict
Sam Hardy
Section II. Tackling Heritage Crime
7. A Situational Approach to Heritage Crime Prevention

Sergi, Anna - From Mafia to Organised Crime, e-kirja

From Mafia to Organised Crime

Sergi, Anna


Mafia and Organised Crime: The Spectrum and the Models
Anna Sergi
3. Case Study 1: Italy and the Structure Model
Anna Sergi
4. Case Study 2: United States of America and the Enterprise Model
Anna Sergi
5. Case Study 3: Australia and the Visibility

Rorie, Melissa L. - The Handbook of White-Collar Crime, e-kirja

The Handbook of White-Collar Crime

Rorie, Melissa L.


A comprehensive and state-of the-art overview from internationally-recognized experts on white-collar crime covering a broad range of topics from many perspectives
Law enforcement professionals and criminal justice scholars have debated the most appropriate definition of “white-collar

Banks, James - Gambling, Crime and Society, e-kirja

Gambling, Crime and Society

Banks, James


Bringing Crime to the City? Casinos, Betting Shops and Criminality
James Banks
3. Gambling, Problem Gambling, Crime and the Criminal Justice System
James Banks
4. Organised Crime,

Scalia, Vincenzo - Crime, Networks and Power, e-kirja

Crime, Networks and Power

Scalia, Vincenzo


Organised Crime or White-Collar Crime? The Case of the Sicilian Mafia
Vincenzo Scalia
5. The Sicilian Mafia Under Post-Fordism
Vincenzo Scalia
6. The Expansion of the Mafia in the Romagna Riviera
Vincenzo Scalia
7. A Marriage of Necessity: Critical

Ruddell, Rick - Oil, Gas, and Crime, e-kirja

Oil, Gas, and Crime

Ruddell, Rick


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Boomtown Effects
Rick Ruddell
2. Defining the Boom
Rick Ruddell
3. The Boom–Crime Relationship
Rick Ruddell
4. Violence Toward Women: A Boom for Whom?
Rick Ruddell
5. Crimes of the Powerful
Rick Ruddell
6. Dangerous Driving
Rick Ruddell