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Dixon, C. Scott - Contesting the Reformation, e-kirja

Contesting the Reformation

Dixon, C. Scott


Contesting the Reformation provides a comprehensive survey of the most influential works in the field of Reformation studies from a comparative, cross-national, interdisciplinary perspective. Represents the only English-language single-authored synthetic study of Reformation historiographyAddresses

Burnett, Anne Pippin - Pindar´s Songs for Young Athletes of Aigina, e-kirja

Pindar´s Songs for Young Athletes of Aigina

Burnett, Anne Pippin


This book consists of individual studies of the poet Pindar's eleven odes for the victors of the athletic contests on the island of Aigina. Anne Pippin Burnett addresses questions of mythic self-presentation, as well as Pindar's techniques for unifying... Copying to clipboard limited

Caferro, William - Contesting the Renaissance, e-kirja

Contesting the Renaissance

Caferro, William


In this book, William Caferro asks if the Renaissance was really a period of progress, reason, the emergence of the individual, and the beginning of modernity.
An influential investigation into the nature of the European Renaissance

Aaron, Frank - Mistress - Slave Contest, e-kirja

Mistress - Slave Contest

Aaron, Frank


When she is approached to take part in the contest, she is delighted, visualising herself as the all-conquering mistress, demeaning and humiliating her hated opponents. Imagine her shock then when both she and her slave lose the contest

Silverman, Helaine - Contested Cultural Heritage, e-kirja

Contested Cultural Heritage

Silverman, Helaine


Carving the Nation: Zimbabwean Sculptors and the Contested Heritage of Aesthetics
Lance L. Larkin
12. Afterword: El Pilar and Maya Cultural Heritage: Reflections of a Cheerful Pessimist
Anabel Ford

McKenzie, Jon - Contesting Performance, e-kirja

Contesting Performance

McKenzie, Jon


Introduction: Contesting Performance in an Age of Globalization
Jon McKenzie, Heike Roms, C. J. W.-L. Wee
Part I. Institutionalizing Performance Studies
2. The Many Lives of Performance: The Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics
Diana Taylor

Okome, Mojúbàolú Olúfúnké - Contesting the Nigerian State, e-kirja

Contesting the Nigerian State

Okome, Mojúbàolú Olúfúnké


Table of contents
1. Contesting the Nigerian State: Civil Society and the Contradictions of Self-Organization—Introduction, Concepts, and Questions
Mojúbàolú Olúfúnké Okome
2. Civil Society and the Challenges of Development and Nation Building in the Postcolonial African State
Ademola Araoye
3. State

McLaughlin, Janice - Contesting Recognition, e-kirja

Contesting Recognition

McLaughlin, Janice


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Why Contesting Recognition?
Janice McLaughlin, Peter Phillimore, Diane Richardson
2. Belonging and the Politics of Belonging
Nira Yuval-Davis
3. Disability and the Pitfalls of Recognition
Jackie Leach Scully
4. ‘Normal people’: Recognition and the Middle Classes