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Felding, Finn - Conflict Prevention in Project Management, e-kirja

Conflict Prevention in Project Management

Felding, Finn


Parties, Roles and Interests in International Projects
3. Engineering, Supply and Construction Contracts
4. Preventing Conflicts by Application of Psychology
Rikke Rye Hahn
5. Negotiations Leading to Conflict Resolution

Sandberg, Brian - War and Conflict in the Early Modern World: 1500 - 1700, e-kirja

War and Conflict in the Early Modern World: 1500 - 1700

Sandberg, Brian


In this latest addition to the War & Conflict Through the Ages series, Brian Sandberg offers a truly global examination of the intersections between war, culture, and society in the early modern period. He traces the innovative military technologies and practices that emerged around 1500,

Fletcher, M.W. - Zones, e-kirja


Fletcher, M.W.


On the 31st October 2030, eleven days into the conflict, the world just managed to step back from likely Armageddon. By the 8th December that year, the world map had changed forever; continents no longer existed and the world was divided into four zones: blue, red,

Giddens, Anthony - The Nation-State and Violence, e-kirja

The Nation-State and Violence

Giddens, Anthony

Alk. 39,60€

The novel and provocative ideas which the author develops will interest those working in a wide variety of disciplines: sociology, politics, geography and international affairs.

Heo, Uk - Identity and Change in East Asian Conflicts, e-kirja

Identity and Change in East Asian Conflicts

Heo, Uk


The Evolution of China’s National Interest: Implications for Taiwan
Peter R. Moody
3. Taiwan: Political and National Security of Becoming “Taiwanese“
Hans Stockton
4. Economic Integration between China and Taiwan: No Spillover into the Identity

Fletcher, M.W. - Storm is Coming, e-kirja

Storm is Coming

Fletcher, M.W.


The brutal killing of a British Bobby on the streets of London on New Year’s Day by a Jamaican Yardie is further complicated when it becomes known who his older brother is. The culprit goes to ground as the Police scour the streets of Brixton for him;…