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Leis, Adrian - Innovations in Flipping the Language Classroom, e-kirja

Innovations in Flipping the Language Classroom

Leis, Adrian


Implementing the Flipped Classroom: Challenges and Strategies
Anna F. Brown
3. Flipping or Flopping: Lessons Learnt from Flipping a Course for ASEAN Teachers of English
Marie Yeo
4. Flipping a Pronunciation Lesson for a Teacher Training Course

Andrà, Chiara - Teaching and Learning in Maths Classrooms, e-kirja

Teaching and Learning in Maths Classrooms

Andrà, Chiara


Classroom Practices: Explanation, Problem-Solving, Patterning, Decision-Making, Drawings and Games
2. Prospective Primary Teachers’ Beliefs Regarding the Roles of Explanations in the Classroom
Esther Levenson, Ruthi Barkai
3. Defining, Drawing, and Continuing

Brookfield, Stephen D. - Powerful Techniques for Teaching Adults, e-kirja

Powerful Techniques for Teaching Adults

Brookfield, Stephen D.


This book is designed as a practical resource that reviews some of the most helpful approaches and exercises that teachers use when working with adult learners. Written in an accessible style, with numerous examples of practical applications scattered…