Haku "civility"

Carroll, Stuart - Blood and Violence in Early Modern France, e-kirja

Blood and Violence in Early Modern France

Carroll, Stuart


French manners and civility were the model for European civilization, while feud is associated with backward societies. Yet in France thousands of men died in duels in which the supposed rules of honour were regularly flouted. In this detailed and origin... Copying to clipboard limited

Johnson, Peter - A Philosopher and Appeasement, e-kirja

A Philosopher and Appeasement

Johnson, Peter


This book is volume one of a two-part series. Taken together, the two volumes of A Philosopher at War examine the political thought of the philosopher and archaeologist, R.G. Collingwood, against the background of the First and Second World Wars. Collingwood…

Cheung, Chor-yung - The Quest for Civil Order, e-kirja

The Quest for Civil Order

Cheung, Chor-yung


Examines four notable thinkers in the field of modern social and political theory, with a view to determining how far it is possible to create and maintain a non-coercive but sustainable political order under conditions of diversity in contemporary Western…

Tsang, Steve - Taiwan's Impact on China, e-kirja

Taiwan's Impact on China

Tsang, Steve


Civility, Taiwanese Civility, and the Taiwanese Civility Reconstructed by Mainland Chinese
Yunxiang Yan
11. Impact Based on Soft Power
Steve Tsang

Sandhu, Angie - Intellectuals and the People, e-kirja

Intellectuals and the People

Sandhu, Angie


Literature and Civility: Liberal Solutions to Political Conflict
2. Matthew Arnold, Culture and the Intellectual
Angie Sandhu
3. The Habermasian Public Sphere
Angie Sandhu
Part 2. Contesting Civil Order with Proletarian Experience
4. The Counter-Public

Stetter, Stephan - The Middle East and Globalization, e-kirja

The Middle East and Globalization

Stetter, Stephan


Globalization and Networked Civility in the Arab Region
Emma Murphy
4. Globalization and In/Security
Pinar Bilgin
5. The Globalization of Democracy and the Location of the Middle East in the Contemporary Global Order
Andrea Teti
6. Globalization

Raj, Kapil - Relocating Modern Science, e-kirja

Relocating Modern Science

Raj, Kapil


Refashioning Civilities, Engineering Trust: William Jones, Indian Intermediaries, and the Production of Reliable Legal Knowledge in Late-Eighteenth-Century Bengal
Kapil Raj
5. British Orientalism in the Early Nineteenth Century, or Globalism versus Universalism