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Addison, Anne - Treatment of Cerebral Palsy and Motor Delay, e-kirja

Treatment of Cerebral Palsy and Motor Delay

Addison, Anne


Treatment of Cerebral Palsy and Motor Delay is a highly practical, easy-to-read resource for all paediatric practitioners and students working with the developmental abilities and difficulties of children, providing a thorough overview of cerebral palsy

Chen, Xian-Cheng - Cerebral Hemorrhage, e-kirja

Cerebral Hemorrhage

Chen, Xian-Cheng


Blood-brain barrier function in intracerebral hemorrhage
R. F. Keep, J. Xiang, S. R. Ennis, A. Andjelkovic, Y. Hua, G. Xi, J. T. Hoff
16. Treatment of stroke and intracerebral hemorrhage with cellular and pharmacological restorative therapies
M. Chopp,

Johnson, Mark H. - Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience, e-kirja

Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience

Johnson, Mark H.


The third edition of Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience presents a thorough updating and enhancement of the classic text that introduced the rapidly expanding field of developmental cognitive neuroscience. Includes the addition of two new chapters…

Ferrari, Adriano - The Spastic Forms of Cerebral Palsy, e-kirja

The Spastic Forms of Cerebral Palsy

Ferrari, Adriano


Table of contents
Part I. Nature of the Defect
1. Cerebral Palsy Detection: from John Little to the Present
Giovanni Cioni, Paola B. Paolicelli
2. Guide to the Interpretation of Cerebral Palsy
Adriano Ferrari, Silvia Alboresi
Part II. Function Analysis
3. Functional Diagnosis in Infants and in Very Young

UNKNOWN - Motor Areas of the Cerebral Cortex, e-kirja

Motor Areas of the Cerebral Cortex



Addresses main issues and new techniques in the study of motor areas of the cerebral cortex in humans and animals. Reviews the historical development of the study of cortical structure and function, examines anatomical connections

FitzSimons, David W. - Aromatic Amino Acids in the Brain, e-kirja

Aromatic Amino Acids in the Brain

FitzSimons, David W.


The Novartis Foundation Series is a popular collection of the proceedings from Novartis Foundation Symposia, in which groups of leading scientists from a range of topics across biology, chemistry and medicine assembled to present papers and discuss results.…

UNKNOWN - Antidepressants and Receptor Function, e-kirja

Antidepressants and Receptor Function



Gershon β-Adrenoceptor function in human adult skin fibroblasts: a study of manic-depressive illness Discussion P. Propping, W. Friedl, J. Hebebrand and K-U. Lentes Genetic studies at the receptor level: investigations in human twins and experimental animals Discussion M.

Feldmeyer, Dirk - New Aspects of Axonal Structure and Function, e-kirja

New Aspects of Axonal Structure and Function

Feldmeyer, Dirk


Subplate and the Formation of the Earliest Cerebral Cortical Circuits
Zoltán Molnár, Wei Zhi Wang, Maria Carmen Piñon, Daniel Blakey, Shinichi Kondo, Franziska Oeschger, Anna Hoerder-Suabedissen
3. Sodium Signals and Their Significance for Axonal Function

Barker, Roger A. - Neuroanatomy and Neuroscience at a Glance, e-kirja

Neuroanatomy and Neuroscience at a Glance

Barker, Roger A.


Each chapter features a summary of the anatomical structure and function of a specific component of the central nervous system, a section on applied neurobiology outlining how to approach a patient with neurological or psychiatric problems aligned to the chapter topic,