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Porter, Glenn - The Rise of Big Business: 1860 - 1920, e-kirja

The Rise of Big Business: 1860 - 1920

Porter, Glenn


The fundamental and explosive changes in the U.S. economy and its business system from 1860 to 1920 continue to fascinate and engage historians, economists, and sociologists. While many disagreements persist about the motivations of the actors, most scholars…

Cheung, Chor-yung - The Quest for Civil Order, e-kirja

The Quest for Civil Order

Cheung, Chor-yung


Examines four notable thinkers in the field of modern social and political theory, with a view to determining how far it is possible to create and maintain a non-coercive but sustainable political order under conditions of diversity in contemporary Western…

Godart, Frédéric - Unveiling Fashion, e-kirja

Unveiling Fashion

Godart, Frédéric


The Convergence Principle — The Centralization of Trends
Frédéric Godart
4. The Autonomy Principle — The Emergence and Dynamics of Styles
Frédéric Godart
5. The Personalization Principle — Fashion and Its Professionals
Frédéric Godart

Nagel, Robert F. - The Implosion of American Federalism, e-kirja

The Implosion of American Federalism

Nagel, Robert F.


At a time of unprecedented national power, why do so many Americans believe that our nationhood is fragile and precarious? Why the talk--among politicians, academics, and jurists--of "coups d'etat," of culture wars, of confederation, of constitutional breakdown? In this wide-ranging book, Robert Nagel proposes a surprising znswer:

Rosa, A. José Farrujia de la - An Archaeology of the Margins, e-kirja

An Archaeology of the Margins

Rosa, A. José Farrujia de la


Archaeology and Dictatorship: The Centralization of Archaeological Heritage Management (1939–1975)
A. José Farrujia de la Rosa
4. In Search of the Indigenous Culture of the Canary Islands (1975–2012)
A. José Farrujia de la Rosa
5. Conclusions

Gellar, Sheldon - Democracy in Senegal, e-kirja

Democracy in Senegal

Gellar, Sheldon


Table of contents
1. Tocquevillian Analytics in Africa
Sheldon Gellar
2. Point of Departure
Sheldon Gellar
3. The Old Order and Colonialism
Sheldon Gellar
4. Centralization and Democratic Despotism
Sheldon Gellar
5. Local Liberties
Sheldon Gellar
6. Political Associations, Parties,

Smith, Angel - The Origins of Catalan Nationalism, 1770–1898, e-kirja

The Origins of Catalan Nationalism, 1770–1898

Smith, Angel


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Angel Smith
2. King, Patria and Nation: Catalonia from the Ancien Régime to Liberalism
Angel Smith
3. Catalonia in the Spanish Nation-Building Project, 1815–68
Angel Smith
4. Liberalism, Romanticism and the Consolidation of a Cultural Catalan Identity, 1815–74

Loughlin, John - Subnational Government, e-kirja

Subnational Government

Loughlin, John


Table of contents
1. Introduction: The International Context of French Subnational Governance
John Loughlin
Part I. General Overview of the French Case
2. Centralization and Decentralization in French History
John Loughlin
3. The ‘Trente Glorieuses’ (1945–1975) and their Aftermath
John Loughlin