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Hurlbert, Stuart H. - The Salton Sea Centennial Symposium, e-kirja

The Salton Sea Centennial Symposium

Hurlbert, Stuart H.


Table of contents
1. Response in the water quality of the Salton Sea, California, to changes in phosphorus loading: an empirical modeling approach
Dale M. Robertson, S. Geoffrey Schladow
2. Long-term changes in the phosphorus loading to and…

Joncas, Richard - Stanford University, e-kirja

Stanford University

Joncas, Richard


Table of contents
1. The Stanford Campus: Its Place in History
Paul V. Turner
2. The Stanford Campus: Into Its Second Century
David J. Neuman
3. Introduction to the Guide
Richard Joncas
4. The Stanford Farm and Other Early Buildings
5. The Original Campus: 1886–1906
6. The Beaux Arts Era:

Trigos, Ludmilla A. - The Decembrist Myth in Russian Culture, e-kirja

The Decembrist Myth in Russian Culture

Trigos, Ludmilla A.


Table of contents
1. The Decembrist Myth in the Nineteenth Century
Ludmilla A. Trigos
2. Literariness and Self-Fashioning in the Decembrists’ Memoirs
Ludmilla A. Trigos
3. The Image in Flux in the Early Twentieth Century
Ludmilla A. Trigos
4. The Battle over Representation during the Centennial

Karlsson, Fred - THE LANGUAGES OF FINLAND 1917–2017, e-kirja


Karlsson, Fred


This succinct language book for Finland’s centennial year features our familiar national languages and their different phases. The work also builds a 100-year perspective on so-called official and foreign languages. What are they and how has their status developed? The

Davies, Philip John - Reconfiguring the Union, e-kirja

Reconfiguring the Union

Davies, Philip John


Ordeal of the Union: Allan Nevins, the Civil War Centennial, and the Civil Rights Struggle of the 1960s
Robert Cook
11. Glory, Glory : Hollywood’s Consensus Memory of the American Civil War
Jenny Barrett