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Macdonald, Fiona - Charles Dickens, A Very Peculiar History, e-kirja

Charles Dickens, A Very Peculiar History

Macdonald, Fiona


Taking a unique look at one of the most acclaimed and best-loved English writers of the nineteenth century, 'Charles Dickens, A Very Peculiar History' asks why, what, where, how and who the Dickens was Charles Dickens? Why did he keep a pet raven that pecked at his children's shins? Why did he have a tunnel built under the road

Thorburn, Jeff - Celebrities' Favourite Books, e-kirja

Celebrities' Favourite Books

Thorburn, Jeff


Containing around 100 letters from well-known people nominating their all-time favourite reads and explaining their choice, this book is designed both to stimulate an interest in reading novels and also to raise awareness of Alzheimer’s disease. With a fitting foreword

Hamilton, Angus - In Abor Jungles, e-kirja

In Abor Jungles

Hamilton, Angus


The 1911 Abor Expedition under Major-General Hamilton Bower was carried out to punish the perpetrators of a massacre of a British colonial official, a doctor and their coolies in March that year. After some fighting and burning of villages, the murderers were caught,

Tutt, Cedric - Small Animal Dentistry: A Manual of Techniques, e-kirja

Small Animal Dentistry: A Manual of Techniques

Tutt, Cedric


Now the interest in this area has increased and dentistry has become an important part of everyday veterinary practice. Designed to be a 'how-to-do' book, this practical manual guides the reader through all the routine dentistry procedures carried

Hoorebeke, Delphine Van - The Management of Living Beings or Emo-management, e-kirja

The Management of Living Beings or Emo-management

Hoorebeke, Delphine Van


This book is based on the author's research carried out over the last ten years in terms of emotional management. It establishes the intervention of emotions at all levels of management: the Littré definition, management being the art of the possible, "the art of guiding, managing, handling,