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Speser, Phyllis L. - The Art and Science of Technology Transfer, e-kirja

The Art and Science of Technology Transfer

Speser, Phyllis L.

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This work represents the next chapter of the technology transfer profession's development, where it will be all about getting to market with a studied awareness of value. Phyl gives us the tools to get there with a great read,

Navrud, Ståle - Environmental Value Transfer: Issues and Methods, e-kirja

Environmental Value Transfer: Issues and Methods

Navrud, Ståle


Correspondence and Convergence in Benefit Transfer Accuracy: Meta-Analytic Review of the Literature
R. Rosenberger, T. Phipps
4. Transferring Landscape Values: How And How Accurately?
J. M. L. Santos
5. Morbidity Value Transfer
R. Ready, S. Navrud

Wiederhold, Gio - Valuing Intellectual Capital, e-kirja

Valuing Intellectual Capital

Wiederhold, Gio


The Value of Intellectual Capital
Gio Wiederhold
4. Transfer Pricing and Rights Transfers
Gio Wiederhold
5. Valuation Methods for IP
Gio Wiederhold
6. Taxhavens
Gio Wiederhold
7. Taxation of MNC
Gio Wiederhold
8. US Taxation

McDonald, Frank - International Business, e-kirja

International Business

McDonald, Frank


International Business Adjusting to New Challenges and Opportunities Published in association with the UK Chapter of the Academy of International Business (AIB), this ninth volume in the AIB series focuses on the new challenges and developments in

Cook, Gary - The Changing Geography of International Business, e-kirja

The Changing Geography of International Business

Cook, Gary


International Business Activities Across Different Spatial Scales
6. Country Linkages and Firm Internationalization: Indian MNEs within Economic-Political Alliances of Nations
Peter J. Buckley, Peter Enderwick, Nicolas Forsans, Surender Munjal
7. A Critical

Ardagna, Danilo - Business Process Management Workshops, e-kirja

Business Process Management Workshops

Ardagna, Danilo


Introduction to the Fourth Workshop on Business Process Design (BPD 2008)
Hajo A. Reijers, Selma Limam Mansar, Michael Rosemann
2. Detecting Regulatory Compliance for Business Process Models through Semantic Annotations

Zhu, Min - Business, Economics, Financial Sciences, and Management, e-kirja

Business, Economics, Financial Sciences, and Management

Zhu, Min


Characteristics of Heat Transfer and Resistance of Double Chevron Plate Heat Exchanges with Different Corrugation Pitch
ChunSheng Guo, WenJing Du, Lin Cheng
25. Perceived Risk in Marketing Strategy
Liu Tian-Que
26. Discussion of EV Virtual Value