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Moncrieff, Joanna - The Bitterest Pills, e-kirja

The Bitterest Pills

Moncrieff, Joanna


Table of contents
1. Cure or Curse: What Are Antipsychotics?
Joanna Moncrieff
2. Chlorpromazine: The First Wonder Drug
Joanna Moncrieff
3. Magic Bullets: The Development of Ideas on Drug Action
Joanna Moncrieff
4. Building a…

Sacco, Peter - Sweet Acceptance Versus Bitter Resistance, e-kirja

Sweet Acceptance Versus Bitter Resistance

Sacco, Peter


This book uses 3 tenets for treating addiction: Psychology, spiritualism and law of attraction. When readers apply the proven principles in this book, they will be able to overcome any kind of addiction, bad habit as well as set positive, productive belief…

Sarsila, Juhani  - Bitter lemons -eulogy of love and Cyprus, e-kirja

Bitter lemons -eulogy of love and Cyprus

Sarsila, Juhani


“It is W. H. E. Lecky, a historian himself, who tells us that life is not poetry but history. However, the historian’s perspective of life is, owing to his naturalism, confined within narrow limits. Our life is not the property of any particular…

Choi, Nak-Eon - How Flavor Works: The Science of Taste and Aroma, e-kirja

How Flavor Works: The Science of Taste and Aroma

Choi, Nak-Eon


Taste is the number one driving force in the decision to purchase a food product and food consumption is the most critical function for living organisms to obtain the energy and resources essential to their vitality. Flavor and aroma are therefore universally…