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Dennett, Allison - Beowulf Unlocked, e-kirja

Beowulf Unlocked

Dennett, Allison


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Michael D. C. Drout, Yvette Kisor, Leah Smith, Allison Dennett, Natasha Piirainen
2. Lexomic Methods
Michael D. C. Drout, Yvette Kisor, Leah Smith, Allison Dennett, Natasha Piirainen
3. Text Preparation of Beowulf
Michael D. C. Drout, Yvette Kisor, Leah Smith, Allison

Saunders, Corinne - A Companion to Medieval Poetry, e-kirja

A Companion to Medieval Poetry

Saunders, Corinne


Organised into three parts to echo the chronological and stylistic divisions between the Anglo-Saxon, Middle English and Post-Chaucerian periods, each section is introduced with contextual essays, providing a valuable introduction to the society and culture of the time Combines a general discussion of

Frantzen, Allen J. - Anglo-Saxon Keywords, e-kirja

Anglo-Saxon Keywords

Frantzen, Allen J.


Anglo-Saxon Keywords presents a series of entries that reveal the links between modern ideas and scholarship and the central concepts of Anglo-Saxon literature, language, and material culture. Reveals important links between central concepts of the Anglo-Saxon…

Mitchell, Bruce - A Guide to Old English, e-kirja

A Guide to Old English

Mitchell, Bruce


Provides a comprehensive introduction to Old EnglishUses a practical approach suited to the needs of the beginning studentFeatures selections from the greatest works of Old English literature, organized from simple to more challenging texts to keep pace with the readerIncludes a discussion of Anglo-Saxon

Guerber, H. A. - Legends of the Middle Ages, e-kirja

Legends of the Middle Ages

Guerber, H. A.


A fascinating study of many traditional myths from the Middle Ages, including tales of Beowulf, Merlin and King Arthur, and the quest for the Holy Grail.

Cain, Christopher M. - A History of Old English Literature, e-kirja

A History of Old English Literature

Cain, Christopher M.


This revised edition of A History of Old English Literature draws extensively on the latest scholarship to have evolved over the last decade. The text incorporates additional material throughout, including two new chapters on Anglo-Saxon manuscripts and…

Amodio, Mark C. - The Anglo Saxon Literature Handbook, e-kirja

The Anglo Saxon Literature Handbook

Amodio, Mark C.


Makes Anglo-Saxon literature accessible to modern readers Helps readers to overcome the linguistic, aesthetic and cultural barriers to understanding and appreciating Anglo-Saxon verse and prose Introduces readers to the language, politics, and religion of the Anglo-Saxon literary world Presents original