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Sellers, Mortimer - Autonomy, e-kirja


Sellers, Mortimer


Approaches to Autonomy in Capital Punishment and Assisted Suicide
Kandis Scott
4. Courts in Search of Legitimacy: the Case of Wrongful Life
Marc A. Loth
5. The Autonomy of Defense and Defense Counsel

UNKNOWN - Foetal Autonomy, e-kirja

Foetal Autonomy



The Novartis Foundation Series is a popular collection of the proceedings from Novartis Foundation Symposia, in which groups of leading scientists from a range of topics across biology, chemistry and medicine assembled to present papers and discuss results.…

Wessel, Ramses A. - Between Autonomy and Dependence, e-kirja

Between Autonomy and Dependence

Wessel, Ramses A.


Between Autonomy and Dependence: The EU Legal Order Under the Influence of International Organisations—An Introduction
Ramses A. Wessel, Steven Blockmans
2. The Autonomy of EU Law: More is Less?
Jan Willem Rossem

Kühler, Michael - Autonomy and the Self, e-kirja

Autonomy and the Self

Kühler, Michael


Dynamics in Autonomy – Articulating One’s Commitments
Nadja Jelinek
5. The Normative Significance of Personal Projects
Monika Betzler
6. Normative Self-Constitution and Individual Autonomy
John Christman
7. Psychocorporeal Selfhood, Practical

Lansdown, Richard - The autonomy of literature, e-kirja

The autonomy of literature

Lansdown, Richard


In the aftermath of the theory wars, the imaginative, formal, and moral features of literature have been substantially marginalized, downgraded, and neglected. Yet for many readers such elements will always be central to the experience of reading, just…

Ekman, Susanne - Authority and Autonomy, e-kirja

Authority and Autonomy

Ekman, Susanne


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Desire, Discovery, and Disillusionment in Modern Working Life
Susanne Ekman
2. Affective Labor and Post-Bureaucracy
Susanne Ekman
3. Setting the Scene — Analytics of Compassion
Susanne Ekman

Blidi, Soufiane - Collaborative Learner Autonomy, e-kirja

Collaborative Learner Autonomy

Blidi, Soufiane


Learner Autonomy and the MENA Region Context
Soufiane Blidi
3. Gradual Development of Learner Autonomy
Soufiane Blidi
4. Learner Autonomy and the CLA Perspective
Soufiane Blidi
5. Conclusion

Irie, Kay - Realizing Autonomy, e-kirja

Realizing Autonomy

Irie, Kay


Realizing Autonomy: Contradictions in Practice and Context
Alison Stewart, Kay Irie
Part I. Goals and Frameworks
2. Learner Autonomy for International Students: Evolution of a University JSL Program
Tomoko Ikeda,

Coutard, Olivier - Local Energy Autonomy: Spaces, Scales, Politics, e-kirja

Local Energy Autonomy: Spaces, Scales, Politics

Coutard, Olivier


In particular, contemporary energy transition discourses and strategies often emphasize the search for increased local energy autonomy, a phrase which can refer to a diverse range of configurations, both in terms of the spaces and scales of the local territory considered