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Shantz, Jeff - Against All Authority, e-kirja

Against All Authority

Shantz, Jeff


This volume examines historical and contemporary engagements of anarchism and literary production. Anarchists have used literary production to express opposition to values and relations characterizing advanced capitalist (and socialist) societies while…

Buur, Lars - State Recognition of Traditional Authority in Mozambique, e-kirja

State Recognition of Traditional Authority in Mozambique

Buur, Lars


How should the Mozambican traditional leaders' double role as community representatives and state assistants be captured? This discussion paper addresses some fundamental questions pertaining to the 2002 official recognition of traditional leaders as community authorities. After a brief

Morrow, John - Liberty, Authority, Formality, e-kirja

Liberty, Authority, Formality

Morrow, John


Davis's analyses of groups like the Levellers and individuals like Gerrard Winstanley and Oliver Cromwell has reoriented the inquiry around the contemporary moral themes of liberty, authority and formality-around which concepts this volume engages.

Halsey, Katie - Shakespeare and Authority, e-kirja

Shakespeare and Authority

Halsey, Katie


‘Dressed in a Little Brief Authority’: Authority Before, During, and After Shakespeare’s Plays
Katie Halsey, Angus Vine
Part I. Defining and Redefining Authority
2. Shakespeare’s Authorities
Colin Burrow

Middleton, Julia - Beyond Authority, e-kirja

Beyond Authority

Middleton, Julia


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Julia Middleton
2. What is leading beyond authority?
Julia Middleton
3. So why do it?
Julia Middleton
4. So how different is it out there?
Julia Middleton
5. So what should you leave behind?
Julia Middleton
6. What position are you going to play in?

Ekman, Susanne - Authority and Autonomy, e-kirja

Authority and Autonomy

Ekman, Susanne


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Desire, Discovery, and Disillusionment in Modern Working Life
Susanne Ekman
2. Affective Labor and Post-Bureaucracy
Susanne Ekman
3. Setting the Scene — Analytics of Compassion
Susanne Ekman

Millar, Robert McColl - Authority and Identity, e-kirja

Authority and Identity

Millar, Robert McColl


Table of contents
1. Prologue
Robert McColl Millar
2. Sociology of Language: An Introduction
Robert McColl Millar
3. Linguistic Prehistory
Robert McColl Millar
4. The First European Literacies
Robert McColl Millar

Huemer, Michael - The Problem of Political Authority, e-kirja

The Problem of Political Authority

Huemer, Michael


Table of contents
Part I. The Illusion of Authority
1. The Problem of Political Authority
Michael Huemer
2. The Traditional Social Contract Theory
Michael Huemer
3. The Hypothetical Social Contract Theory
Michael Huemer
4. The Authority of Democracy
Michael Huemer
5. Consequentialism and

Coovadia, Imraan - Authority and Authorship in V. S. Naipaul, e-kirja

Authority and Authorship in V. S. Naipaul

Coovadia, Imraan


Table of contents
1. Introduction Authorship and Authority
Imraan Coovadia
2. Authority and Misquotation in A Bend in the River
Imraan Coovadia
3. The Cold Joke
Imraan Coovadia
4. V. S. Naipaul and the Black Power Killings in Trinidad
Imraan Coovadia
5. V. S. Naipaul and the Muslims