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Javier, Rafael Art. - The Bilingual Mind, e-kirja

The Bilingual Mind

Javier, Rafael Art.


Table of contents
1. Bilingualism and Social Context: An Introduction
Rafael Art Javier
2. Is There a Bilingual Mind?
Rafael Art. Javier
3. The Bilingual Linguistic Organization
Rafael Art. Javier
4. Language Switching As a Communication
Rafael Art. Javier
5. Bilingual Memory and the Language

Arts, Bas - Institutional Dynamics in Environmental Governance, e-kirja

Institutional Dynamics in Environmental Governance

Arts, Bas


Table of contents
1. Institutional Dynamics in Environmental Governance
Pieter Leroy, Bas Arts
2. Political Modernisation
Bas Arts, Jan Tatenhove
3. The Dynamics of Policy Arrangements: Turning Round the Tetrahedron
Duncan Liefferink
4. The Governance Capacity of (new) Policy Arrangements: A Reflexive

Osborne, Robin - Art's Agency and Art History, e-kirja

Art's Agency and Art History

Osborne, Robin


Art's Agency and Art History re-articulates the relationship of the anthropology of art to key methodological and theoretical approaches in art history, sociology, and linguistics.

McClellan, Andrew - Art and Its Publics: Museum Studies at the Millennium, e-kirja

Art and Its Publics: Museum Studies at the Millennium

McClellan, Andrew


Bringing together essays by museum professionals and academics from both sides of the Atlantic, Art and its Publics tackles current issues confronting the museum community and seeks to further the debate between theory and practice around the most pressing of contemporary concerns.

Gracyk, Theodore - The Philosophy of Art: An Introduction, e-kirja

The Philosophy of Art: An Introduction

Gracyk, Theodore


The Philosophy of Art is a highly accessible introduction to current key issues and debates in aesthetics and philosophy of art. Chapters on standard topics are balanced by topics of interest to today's students, including creativity, authenticity, cultural

Wadeson, Harriet - Art Psychotherapy, e-kirja

Art Psychotherapy

Wadeson, Harriet


The long-awaited new edition of the landmark text defining art therapy
Art therapists use the creative process and the issues that surface during art therapy to help their clients increase insight and judgment, cope with stress, work through traumatic experiences, increase cognitive