Haku "analog-digital mixed signal design synthesis"

Voldman, Steven H. - ESD: Analog Circuits and Design, e-kirja

ESD: Analog Circuits and Design

Voldman, Steven H.


A comprehensive and in-depth review of analog circuit layout, schematic architecture, device, power network and ESD design
This book will provide a balanced overview of analog circuit design layout, 

Voldman, Steven H. - ESD: Circuits and Devices, e-kirja

ESD: Circuits and Devices

Voldman, Steven H.


ESD: Circuits and Devices 2nd Edition provides a clear picture of layout and design of digital, analog, radio frequency (RF) and power applications for protection from electrostatic discharge (ESD), electrical overstress (EOS), and latchup phenomena

Voldman, Steven H. - ESD: RF Technology and Circuits, e-kirja

ESD: RF Technology and Circuits

Voldman, Steven H.


This enables the development of ESD design methods for RF technology, leading to increased protection against electrical overstress (EOS) and ESD.
ESD: RF Technology and Circuits: Presents methods for co-synthesizisng ESD networks for RF applications