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Borrego, Carlos - Air Pollution Modeling and Its Application XVII, e-kirja

Air Pollution Modeling and Its Application XVII

Borrego, Carlos


Role Of Atmospheric Models In Air Pollution Policy And Abatement Strategies
1. A Photochemical Screening Tool Based on a Scale Analysis of Ozone Photochemistry
B. Ainslie, D. G. Steyn
2. Modeling and Analysis of Ozone and Nitrogen Oxides in the Southeast

Garbe, Christoph S. - Transport at the Air-Sea Interface, e-kirja

Transport at the Air-Sea Interface

Garbe, Christoph S.


Turbulent Gas Flux Measurements near the Air-Water Interface in a Grid-Stirred Tank
Herlina Jirka, Gerhard H. Jirka
3. Quantitative Imaging of CO2 Transfer at an Unsheared Free Surface
Evan A. Variano, Edwin A. Cowen
4. Visualisation of Oxygen Concentration

Miller, Leonard - Chronicles of 55 Squadron R.F.C. and R.A.F., e-kirja

Chronicles of 55 Squadron R.F.C. and R.A.F.

Miller, Leonard


This is an unusual unit history in that it was written at speed early in 1919 soon after the events it recounts. The author's history of his squadron from its inception and training at Castle Bromwich in 1916, down to the Armistice in November 1918 after…

McInnes, I. - A Contemptible Little Flying Corps, e-kirja

A Contemptible Little Flying Corps

McInnes, I.


Many books have been written about pilots of the Royal Flying Corps but the men on the ground, who kept the planes in the air and the guns firing, have been sadly neglected - and yet their role was a vital one. This truly remarkable book, the production of which must have seemed an impossible

Burge, Major C. Gordon - The Annals of 100 Squadron, e-kirja

The Annals of 100 Squadron

Burge, Major C. Gordon


Forced to evacuate this site during the German advance of 1918, 100 transferred to Ochey in Alsace-Lorriane from where it carried out night raids on Germany itself - including on Frankfurt, Mannheim and Ludwigshafen. Shortly before the war ended, the squadron took

Grayson, Fred N. - CliffsTestPrepMilitary Flight Aptitude Tests, e-kirja

CliffsTestPrepMilitary Flight Aptitude Tests

Grayson, Fred N.


This book offers an in-depth study guide and practice exams for the Air Force Officer Qualifying Test (AFOQT) U.S. Navy and Marine Corps Aviation Selection Test Battery (ASTB) Army Alternate Flight Aptitude Screening Test (AFAST)