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Hall, Rebecca E. - Treating Adolescents, e-kirja

Treating Adolescents

Hall, Rebecca E.


A unique guide to adolescent psychopathology, using a developmental approach
Treating Adolescents is a comprehensive guide to adolescent mental health care, synthesizing evidence-based practice and practice-based perspectives to give providers the best advice available. By limiting the

Ferguson, Christopher J. - Adolescents, Crime, and the Media, e-kirja

Adolescents, Crime, and the Media

Ferguson, Christopher J.


Table of contents
Part I. Media Depictions of Crime
1. Introduction: Crime and the Media
Christopher J. Ferguson
2. A History of Violence in the Media
Christopher J. Ferguson
3. Media Portrayals of Crime and Youth
Christopher J. Ferguson
4. Adolescents in the News Media
Christopher J. Ferguson

Tibon-Czopp, Shira - Rorschach Assessment of Adolescents, e-kirja

Rorschach Assessment of Adolescents

Tibon-Czopp, Shira


Assessing Personality Functioning of Adolescents with Performance-Based Measures
Shira Tibon-Czopp, Irving B. Weiner
Part II. The Rorschach Inkblot Method: Theory, Research, and Practice
4. The Rorschach Inkblot Method: Theory
Shira Tibon-Czopp, Irving