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Jiang, Yu - Robust Adaptive Dynamic Programming, e-kirja

Robust Adaptive Dynamic Programming

Jiang, Yu


A comprehensive look at state-of-the-art ADP theory and real-world applications
This book fills a gap in the literature by providing a theoretical framework for integrating techniques from adaptive dynamic programming (ADP) and modern nonlinear control

Zhang, Huaguang - Adaptive Dynamic Programming for Control, e-kirja

Adaptive Dynamic Programming for Control

Zhang, Huaguang


Table of contents
1. Overview
Huaguang Zhang, Derong Liu, Yanhong Luo, Ding Wang
2. Optimal State Feedback Control for Discrete-Time Systems
Huaguang Zhang, Derong Liu, Yanhong Luo, Ding Wang
3. Optimal Tracking Control for Discrete-Time…

Ribeiro, Bernardete - Adaptive and Natural Computing Algorithms, e-kirja

Adaptive and Natural Computing Algorithms

Ribeiro, Bernardete


ADFUNN: An Adaptive Function Neural Network
Dominic Palmer-Brown, Miao Kang
2. Certain comments on data preparation for neural networks based modelling
Bartlomiej Beliczynski
3. A simple method for selection of inputs and structure of feedforward neural

Powell, Warren B. - Optimal Learning, e-kirja

Optimal Learning

Powell, Warren B.

Alk. 101,65€

Three sections develop ideas with increasing levels of sophistication: Fundamentals explores fundamental topics, including adaptive learning, ranking and selection, the knowledge gradient, and bandit problems Extensions and Applications features coverage of linear

Lewis, Frank L. - Optimal Control, e-kirja

Optimal Control

Lewis, Frank L.

Alk. 155,20€

Major topics covered include:
Static Optimization
Optimal Control of Discrete-Time Systems
Optimal Control of Continuous-Time Systems
The Tracking Problem and Other LQR Extensions
Final-Time-Free and Constrained Input Control
Dynamic Programming
Optimal Control for Polynomial Systems

Allen, K. Scott - Professional ASP.NET MVC 5, e-kirja

Professional ASP.NET MVC 5

Allen, K. Scott


NET MVC insiders cover the latest updates to the technology in this popular Wrox reference
MVC 5 is the newest update to the popular Microsoft technology that enables you to build dynamic, data-driven websites. Like previous versions, this guide shows you step-by-step