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Chandrappa, Ramesha - Sustainable Water Engineering: Theory and Practice, e-kirja

Sustainable Water Engineering: Theory and Practice

Chandrappa, Ramesha


Ensuring safe and plentiful supplies of potable water (both now and for future generations) and developing sustainable treatment processes for wastewater are among the world’s greatest engineering challenges. However, sustainability requires investment of money, time and knowledge.

Kubik, Stefan - Supramolecular Chemistry in Water, e-kirja

Supramolecular Chemistry in Water

Kubik, Stefan


Provides deep insight into the concepts and recent developments in the area of supramolecular chemistry in water

Written by experts in their respective field, this comprehensive reference covers various aspects of supramolecular chemistry in water?from

Linnik, Petro - Processes Determining Surface Water Chemistry, e-kirja

Processes Determining Surface Water Chemistry

Linnik, Petro


Table of contents
1. Characteristics of Surface Water Quality
Volodymyr Osadchyy, Bogdan Nabyvanets, Petro Linnik, Nataliia Osadcha, Yurii Nabyvanets
2. Hydrological Processes
Volodymyr Osadchyy, Bogdan Nabyvanets, Petro Linnik, Nataliia Osadcha, Yurii Nabyvanets
3. Physico-Chemical Processes

Aquaprox - Treatment of Cooling Water, e-kirja

Treatment of Cooling Water



Table of contents
1. Pure Water
2. Natural Water
3. Analysis of Natural Water
4. Generalities
5. Pretreatment
6. Conservation of the Raw Material: Water
7. Conservation of Energy
8. Conservation of

Pechan, Paul - Living with Water, e-kirja

Living with Water

Pechan, Paul


Mountain Waters as Witnesses of Global Pollution
Jordi Catalan, Mireia Bartrons, Lluis Camarero, Joan O. Grimalt
3. Pollutants in Freshwater: The Case of Pharmaceuticals
Anja Coors, Thomas Knacker
4. Wastewaters Are Not Wastes
Gert E. Vries, Antonio

Singh, Vijay P - Water Resources Management, e-kirja

Water Resources Management

Singh, Vijay P


Development of Universal Ultimate Total Green Chemistry and Eco-Agriculture for Sustainable Productivity
R. C. Yadav
5. Landscape Gardening and Environmental Restoration: Concerns in Mughal Kashmir
Mumtaz Ahmad Numani
6. Eco-Treatment Zone in Open Drain

Ul-Islam, Shahid - Environmental Nanotechnology for Water Purification, e-kirja

Environmental Nanotechnology for Water Purification

Ul-Islam, Shahid


As a result, they generate a considerable amount of coloured wastewater rich in organic, inorganic, and mineral substances which are continuously polluting the water bodies and affecting human and aquatic life. Besides these industries, urban and agricultural activities