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Gilloch, Graeme - Walter Benjamin: Critical Constellations, e-kirja

Walter Benjamin: Critical Constellations

Gilloch, Graeme

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The works of Walter Benjamin (1892-1940) are widely acclaimed as being among the most original and provocative writings of twentieth-century critical thought, and have become required reading for scholars and students in a range of academic disciplines.

Pusca, Anca M. - Walter Benjamin and the Aesthetics of Change, e-kirja

Walter Benjamin and the Aesthetics of Change

Pusca, Anca M.


Towards A Global Space of Democratic Rights: On Benjamin, Gramsci, and Polanyi
Renate Holub
3. Erasing the Traces, Tracing Erasures: Cultural Memory and Belonging in Newcastle/Gateshead, UK
Zoë Thompson
4. ‘Sunshine and Noir’: Benjamin,

Ponzi, Mauro - Nietzsche’s Nihilism in Walter Benjamin, e-kirja

Nietzsche’s Nihilism in Walter Benjamin

Ponzi, Mauro


Table of contents
1. Capitalism as Religion
Mauro Ponzi
2. Organizing Pessimism
Mauro Ponzi
3. Nietzsche: Editions and Interpretations of His Works
Mauro Ponzi
4. The Cry of Marsyas: History as a Place of Permanent Catastrophe

Adorno, Gretel - Correspondence 1930-1940, e-kirja

Correspondence 1930-1940

Adorno, Gretel


So wrote Walter Benjamin to Gretel Adorno in spring 1940 from the south of France, shortly before he took his own life.
The correspondence between Gretel Adorno and Walter Benjamin,

Kremmel, Dietmar - Employer Brand Management, e-kirja

Employer Brand Management

Kremmel, Dietmar


Strategische Situationsanalyse: Ausgangssituation der Arbeitgebermarke analysieren
Benjamin Walter, Franziska Weis, Dietmar Kremmel
4. Charles Vögele: Durchführung einer strategischen Situationsanalyse
Franziska Weis, Birgit Meier-Hobmeier
Teil III.

Whybrow, Nicolas - Street Scenes: Brecht, Benjamin and Berlin, e-kirja

Street Scenes: Brecht, Benjamin and Berlin

Whybrow, Nicolas


Walter Benjamin, himself a native of Berlin as well as friend and seminal critic of Brecht, exercised the practice in exemplary form in his portrait of the city One-Way Street. Bertolt Brecht, meanwhile, stands as one of the principal

Hautamäki, Irmeli - Avantgarden alkuperä, e-kirja

Avantgarden alkuperä

Hautamäki, Irmeli


Avantgarden alkuperä -Modernin estetiikka Baudelairesta Warholiin Monet nykytaiteen kysymykset liittyvät avantgardeen. Missä on taiteen kehityksen kärki, ketkä sitä johtavat? Tärkeydestään huolimatta avantgarden käsite on kuitenkin ollut selkiintymätön.…

Bermann, Sandra - A Companion to Translation Studies, e-kirja

A Companion to Translation Studies

Bermann, Sandra


This companion offers a wide-ranging introduction to the rapidly expanding field of translation studies, bringing together some of the best recent scholarship to present its most important current themesFeatures new work from well-known scholarsIncludes…