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Chinitz, David E. - A Companion to Modernist Poetry, e-kirja

A Companion to Modernist Poetry

Chinitz, David E.


Offering a comprehensive and up-to-date survey of the field, A Companion to Modernist Poetry provides readers with detailed discussions of individual poets, ‘schools’ and ‘movements’ within modernist poetry, and the cultural and…

Chalk, Bridget T. - Modernism and Mobility, e-kirja

Modernism and Mobility

Chalk, Bridget T.


H. Lawrence, National Identity, and Aboriginality
Bridget T. Chalk
3. An Independent Bureaucrat: Classification and Nationality in Stein’s Autobiographies
Bridget T. Chalk
4. “Sensible of Being Etrangers”: Plots and Identity Papers in Banjo

Clewell, Tammy - Modernism and Nostalgia, e-kirja

Modernism and Nostalgia

Clewell, Tammy


H. Lawrence, and Imperialist Nostalgia
Carey Snyder
9. “There’ll be no more fishing this side the grave”: Radical Nostalgia in George Orwell’s Coming Up for Air
Patricia Rae
10. Dissolving Landscapes: W.

Cockin, Katharine - The Literary North, e-kirja

The Literary North

Cockin, Katharine


‘The North, My World’: W. H. Auden’s Pennine Ways
Tony Sharpe
8. Northern Yobs: Representations of Youth in 1950s Writing: Hoggart, Sillitoe and Waterhouse
Nick Bentley

Kendall, Tim - Modern English War Poetry, e-kirja

Modern English War Poetry

Kendall, Tim


The poets discussed include Thomas Hardy, Rudyard Kipling, Wilfred Owen, Charlotte Mew, Edward Thomas, Ivor Gurney, W. H. Auden, Keith Douglas, Ted Hughes, and Geoffrey Hill. - ;Teachers and