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Goldstein, Jack - 101 Amazing Unusual Deaths, e-kirja

101 Amazing Unusual Deaths

Goldstein, Jack


Whilst the boring among us may well drift off in our sleep, and the unlucky suffer painfully in some horrible accident, very occasionally death will come in such an unusual way as to be particularly noteworthy. Ever since the politician Draco was suffocated by the

Canbay, Emel - Unusual Cases in Peritoneal Surface Malignancies, e-kirja

Unusual Cases in Peritoneal Surface Malignancies

Canbay, Emel


Table of contents
1. Peritoneal Metastasis from Small Bowel Adenocarcinoma Associated with Crohn’s Disease
Emel Canbay
2. Selection of Chemotherapy in Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy
H. J. Braam, F. J. H. Hoogwater
3. Treatment of Pseudomyxoma Peritonei from Non-appendiceal Primary Sites

Burg, Günter - Cutaneous Lymphomas Unusual Cases 2, e-kirja

Cutaneous Lymphomas Unusual Cases 2

Burg, Günter


Table of contents
1. Mature T-cell and NK-cell Neoplasms
1. Familial mycosis fungoides; involving a father and daughter
H. Horibe, H. Yagi, M. Takigawa, K. Tomita
2. A case of mycosis fungoides with polyarthritis showing clonal identity in skin and synovial tissue
Y. Sandberg, A. W. Langerak, F. Heule

Szema, Anthony M - Unusual Diseases with Common Symptoms, e-kirja

Unusual Diseases with Common Symptoms

Szema, Anthony M


Table of contents
1. The Many Janus Faces of Angie O’Deemer
Anthony M. Szema
2. It’s Happening Again Dr. Szema, Ahhh!
Anthony M. Szema
3. A Man with Metal Lungs
Anthony M. Szema, Marc Kostrubiak
4. The Man Who Loved Beer,…

Hoinville, Mike - Woodcall, e-kirja


Hoinville, Mike


This collection begins with the tale of a boy with a musical talent driven on by his mother's ambition; Great Expectations always seem to end strangely don't they? Ah – England! A mecca for tourists from all over the world... and not only this one it…

Hoinville, Mike - The Last Moon Boat, e-kirja

The Last Moon Boat

Hoinville, Mike


The Last Moonboat A small village in a valley reluctantly welcomes a solitary man who wishes to spread love and happiness among the local children; with rather unexpected results. And what about dabbling with the Great Magic in your attic? It can be done…