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Kirchner, Jens - Transfer of Business and Acquired Employee Rights, e-kirja

Transfer of Business and Acquired Employee Rights

Kirchner, Jens


Table of contents
Part I. EU Law and EU Countries
1. 1. European Union Law
Jens Kirchner, Sascha Morgenroth
2. 2. Austria
Stephan Nitzl, Christian Stuppnig
3. 3. Belgium
Eddy Lievens
4. 4. The Czech Republic
Petr Samec, Markéta Cibulková
5. 5. Denmark
Jonas Enkegaard, Kristine Friis

Murphy, Alexander B. - Geography: Why It Matters, e-kirja

Geography: Why It Matters

Murphy, Alexander B.


Ever since humans sketched primitive maps in the dirt, the quest to understand our surroundings has been fundamental to our survival. Studying geography revealed that the earth was round, showed our ancestors where to plant crops, and helped them appreciate…

 - The Kinetochore:, e-kirja

The Kinetochore:


The Kinetochore as Target for Cancer Drug Development
Song-Tao Liu, Tim J. Yen

Braun, Henry - The Dynamics of Opportunity in America, e-kirja

The Dynamics of Opportunity in America

Braun, Henry


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Opportunity in America—Setting the Stage
Henry Braun, Irwin Kirsch
Part I. Understanding Where We Are Today
2. Segregation, Race, and the Social Worlds of Rich and Poor
Douglas S. Massey, Jonathan Tannen
3. Federalism and Inequality in Education: What Can History Tell

Dastbaz, Mohammad - Sustainable Ecological Engineering Design, e-kirja

Sustainable Ecological Engineering Design

Dastbaz, Mohammad


Modelling the Delivery of Residential Thermal Comfort and Energy Savings: Comparing How Occupancy Type Affects the Success of Energy Efficiency Measures
Erica Marshall, Julia Steinberger, Tim Foxon, Valerie Dupont
23. Analysing

Fisher, John P. - Tissue Engineering, e-kirja

Tissue Engineering

Fisher, John P.


Predictive Value of In Vitro and In Vivo Assays in Bone and Cartilage Repair — What do They Really Tell Us about the Clinical Performance?
Pamela Habibovic, Tim Woodfield, Klaas Groot, Clemens Blitterswijk
Section 6. Science, Regulation, and The Public

Taylor, Graham K. - Animal Locomotion, e-kirja

Animal Locomotion

Taylor, Graham K.


The influence of airfoil kinematics on the formation of leading-edge vortices in bio-inspired flight
David Rival, Tim Prangemeier, Cameron Tropea
22. Wake patterns of the wings and tail of hovering hummingbirds
Douglas L. Altshuler, Marko Princevac, Hansheng