Haku "Theatre and Performance Studies"

Ackerman, Alan - Against Theatre, e-kirja

Against Theatre

Ackerman, Alan


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Modernism and anti-theatricality
Alan Ackerman, Martin Puchner
2. Avant-garde scenography and the frames of the theatre
Arnold Aronson
3. Clown shows: Anti-theatricalist theatricalism in four twentieth-century…

Finburgh, Clare - Contemporary French Theatre and Performance, e-kirja

Contemporary French Theatre and Performance

Finburgh, Clare


From Mise en Scène of Texte to Performance of ‘Textual Material’
David Bradby
3. The Spirit of a Place: Place in Contemporary French Theatre
Michel Corvin
4. The Landscaped Narratives of Phillipe Minyana and Noëlle Renaude
Céline Hersant

Woycicki, Piotr - Post-Cinematic Theatre and Performance, e-kirja

Post-Cinematic Theatre and Performance

Woycicki, Piotr


Table of contents
1. The Post-Cinematic Landscape
Piotr Woycicki
2. Décalage and Mediaphors in Robert Lepage’s Elsinore and The Andersen Project
Piotr Woycicki
3. Acinematic Montage in Roadmetal Sweetbread and A Mare’s Nest

Reilly, Kara - Theatre, Performance and Analogue Technology, e-kirja

Theatre, Performance and Analogue Technology

Reilly, Kara


Heron of Alexandria’s ‘Toy Theatre’ Automaton: Reality, Allusion and Illusion
Richard Beacham
3. Manufacturing Elephants: Technologies of Knowledge in Theatre History
Odai Johnson
4. Performing Technology, Performing Reality: Buffalo Bill and

Harding, James M - The Rise of Performance Studies, e-kirja

The Rise of Performance Studies

Harding, James M


2. Performance Studies and the Enhancement of Theatre Studies
Marvin Carlson
3. In Defense of the String Quartet: An Open Letter to Richard Schechner
Stephen Bottoms
4. Experimenting with an Unfinished Discipline: Richard

Eckersall, Peter - Theatre and Performance in the Asia-Pacific, e-kirja

Theatre and Performance in the Asia-Pacific

Eckersall, Peter


Mobile Performance and Fluid Identities
6. Solid and Liquid Modernities in Regional Australia
Denise Varney, Peter Eckersall, Chris Hudson, Barbara Hatley
7. Staging Indonesian Modernity After Suharto
Denise Varney, Peter Eckersall, Chris Hudson, Barbara

Wolff, Tamsen - Mendel’s Theatre, e-kirja

Mendel’s Theatre

Wolff, Tamsen


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Tamsen Wolff
2. Predecessors
Tamsen Wolff
3. From Peas to People
Tamsen Wolff
4. Experimental Breeding Ground
Tamsen Wolff
5. Branching Out from the Family Tree
Tamsen Wolff

Mason, David V. - Theatre and Religion on Krishna’s Stage, e-kirja

Theatre and Religion on Krishna’s Stage

Mason, David V.


Introduction: Râs Lila Theatre and Its Implications
David V. Mason
2. Theatre Is God
David V. Mason
3. Krishna, Lila, and Freedom
David V. Mason
4. Origins of Child Performers in the Râs Lila
David V. Mason
5. Acting in the Râs Lila