Haku "Teaching and Teacher Education"

Mattsson, Matts - A Practicum Turn in Teacher Education, e-kirja

A Practicum Turn in Teacher Education

Mattsson, Matts


Preservice Teachers´ Reflections on Practice in Relation to Theories
Peter Emsheimer, Nilani Ljunggren De Silva
9. Assessing Teacher Competency During Practicum
Anders Jönsson, Matts Mattsson
Part III. Reflections

Bullock, Shawn Michael - Inside Teacher Education, e-kirja

Inside Teacher Education

Bullock, Shawn Michael


The Development of Teachers’ Professional Knowledge
Shawn Michael Bullock
4. Disrupting Initial Assumptions
Shawn Michael Bullock
5. Candidates in Crisis
Shawn Michael Bullock
6. Creating a Clear Signal against a Noisy Background

Down, Barry - Critical Voices in Teacher Education, e-kirja

Critical Voices in Teacher Education

Down, Barry


Problematising Teachers’ Work in Dangerous Times
John Smyth
3. Rediscovering Discourses of Social Justice: Making Hope Practical
Peter McInerney
4. Preparing Teachers as Informed Professionals: Working with a

Hamilton, Mary Lynn - International Handbook of Teacher Education, e-kirja

International Handbook of Teacher Education

Hamilton, Mary Lynn


Beginning Teacher Educators: Working in Higher Education and Schools
Jean Murray
3. Reflective Practice
Carol Rodgers, Vicki Kubler LaBoskey
4. Mentoring
Lily Orland-Barak
5. Exploring the Complex Concept of Quality in Teacher Education