Haku "Sustainable Development"

Robertson, Margaret - Schooling for Sustainable Development:, e-kirja

Schooling for Sustainable Development:

Robertson, Margaret


Defining and Explaining Sustainable Development and Sustainability: A Review of Curriculum Guides and School Texts
Alaric Maude
5. Contradictory Practices and Geographical Imaginaries in the Rolling Out of Education for

Al-Amin, Abul Quasem - Sustainable Economic Development, e-kirja

Sustainable Economic Development

Al-Amin, Abul Quasem


Why Sustainable Consumption Is Not in Practice? A Developing Country Perspective
Farzana Quoquab, Nurain Nisa Sukari
7. Managing Sustainable Consumption: Is It a Problem or Panacea?
Farzana Quoquab, Jihad Mohammad

Flint, R. Warren - Practice of Sustainable Community Development, e-kirja

Practice of Sustainable Community Development

Flint, R. Warren


Table of contents
1. Introduction
R. Warren Flint
2. Basics of Sustainable Development
R. Warren Flint
3. Operationalizing Sustainability in Community Development
R. Warren Flint
4. System’s Thinking in Community Development
R. Warren Flint
5. Evaluating Community Knowledge Assets and Resources

Biggeri, Mario - Sustainable Human Development, e-kirja

Sustainable Human Development

Biggeri, Mario


The Sustainable Territorial Evolution for Human Development (STEHD) Framework
Mario Biggeri, Andrea Ferrannini
4. The Role of Multilevel Governance for SHD at the Local Level
Mario Biggeri, Andrea Ferrannini

Battro, Antonio M. - Children and Sustainable Development, e-kirja

Children and Sustainable Development

Battro, Antonio M.


Educating Children to Bend the Curve: For a Stable Climate, Sustainable Nature and Sustainable Humanity
Veerabhadran Ramanathan, Hahrie Han, Teenie Matlock
2. Children as Agents of Change for Sustainable Development
Joachim von Braun
3. Notes on Child

Bellaviti, Paola - Sustainable Urban Development and Globalization, e-kirja

Sustainable Urban Development and Globalization

Bellaviti, Paola


Urban Planning in Islamabad: From the Modern Movement to the Contemporary Urban Development Between Formal and Informal Settlements
Daniele Beacco
6. Pacification of Favelas, Mega Events, and the Creation of New Inequalities in the Global South: The Case of