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Vaccaro, Luigi - Sustainable Flow Chemistry: Methods and Applications, e-kirja

Sustainable Flow Chemistry: Methods and Applications

Vaccaro, Luigi


This ready reference not only presents the hot and emerging topic of modern flow chemistry, it is also unique in illustrating the important connection to sustainable chemistry.
Focusing on more sustainable methods and applications, the text extensively

Bhowon, Minu Gupta - Chemistry: The Key to our Sustainable Future, e-kirja

Chemistry: The Key to our Sustainable Future

Bhowon, Minu Gupta


Enhancing Conceptual Understanding of the “Chemistry of Life” at the ‘A’-Level Through Use of Computer Animations
Ummeh W. Ahsun, Fawzia Narod
16. NaBH4-Mediated Complete Reduction of the α,β-Unsaturated Ketone Units of Chalcones in the Synthesis

Atwood, David A. - Sustainable Inorganic Chemistry, e-kirja

Sustainable Inorganic Chemistry

Atwood, David A.


The growing field of green and sustainable chemistry seeks to address this through the development of products and processes that are environmentally benign while remaining economically viable.  Inorganic chemistry

Bhowon, Minu Gupta - Chemistry for Sustainable Development, e-kirja

Chemistry for Sustainable Development

Bhowon, Minu Gupta


Table of contents
1. Investigation of Dissolved Nutrients in Tropical Coastal Waters in Mauritius
Zaynab B. Bissembur, Janita Balgobin, Archana Anjore, Roshan T. Ramessur, Kishore Boodhoo
2. The Influence of the Cage Effect on the Mechanism…

Dunn, Peter J. - Green Chemistry in the Pharmaceutical Industry, e-kirja

Green Chemistry in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Dunn, Peter J.


As such, it covers all aspects of green chemistry in the pharmaceutical industry, from simple molecules to complex proteins, and from drug discovery to the fate of pharmaceuticals in the environment. Furthermore, this ready reference contains several convincing case

Lichtfouse, Eric - Environmental Chemistry for a Sustainable World, e-kirja

Environmental Chemistry for a Sustainable World

Lichtfouse, Eric


Table of contents
1. Carbon Nanotubes Applications: Solar and Fuel Cells, Hydrogen Storage, Lithium Batteries, Supercapacitors, Nanocomposites, Gas, Pathogens, Dyes, Heavy Metals and Pesticides
Chin Wei Tan, Kok Hong Tan, Yit Thai Ong, Abdul Rahman…

Ncibi, Chaker - A Sustainable Bioeconomy, e-kirja

A Sustainable Bioeconomy

Ncibi, Chaker


Biomass: The Sustainable Core of Bioeconomy
Mika Sillanpää, Chaker Ncibi
4. Biofuels and Bioenergy
Mika Sillanpää, Chaker Ncibi
5. Biochemicals
Mika Sillanpää, Chaker Ncibi
6. Biomaterials
Mika Sillanpää, Chaker Ncibi
7. Biorefineries: